Introducing The Official ‘Lesbian’ Clothing Line ThugSexy

We have some exciting news for the fashion world today, the Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad is introducing to his “Hip Hop Lesbian Fans” a new clothing label called ThugSexy.

Muhammad says this new label was inspired by today’s female urban youth.

Muhammad says he has observed that the hip hop females of today are becoming more “thuggish” with their attitude and look. This is especially seen in the wearing of tattoos, but that isn’t all.

ThugSexy represents that persona because it identifies the essence of what every hip hop girl wants to be.

Muhammad defines the word ThugSexy as meaning those that represent the masculine and the feminine simultaneously which he says would apply to Lesbian Studs. Although the new label is still in development, Muhammad has created an online store to showcase the first line of products to fans.

See The Official ThugSexy Online Store

thug sexy
Thug Sexy pillow

As you can see, Muhammad has created a limited edition of sexy ensembles for the ladies as well as cell phone accessories. King Muhammad also says that he is open to licensing the brand to fashion developers. That could catapult the label into more mainstream products.

Muhammad envisions the brand being used for Jewelry, Perfume, Clothing and much more. The possibilities are unlimited in his opinion, because the name alone sells the product.

The online store that Muhammad created gives fans as well as investors a look at what the brand could be.

Yes, the lesbian messiah is leading a lesbian revolution right up to the steps of JC Penny and Macy’s. And it would not be a bit surprising if they let him in to talk about a lucrative partnership.

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