The Apple Watch Makes So Much Sense After WWDC Keynote

The knives were out some time back, against the Apple Watch. At that time, the negative pundits said it was just another gadget that will get lost in the clutter of gadgets.

The watch started shipping six weeks back and the recent developments around it are praised by many.

Although the big announcement at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference was about Apple Music, the one that made a lot of sense was the watchOS2.

WatchOS2 allows third party developers to run their apps natively on it, with direct access to the sensors of the watch. This means more apps that will actually make sense.

Complications Introduced

The watch’s interface also received some tweaks and there is added public transit data to Maps on watch, accompanied with some cool features.

One of the amazing features in this watch is the introduction of Complications. Complications is a round-the-clock notification which stays on the watch face. Apple showed a brief demo of Complications at WWDC which showed the battery life on a VW car, flight departure details and sports scores.

Complications is a really nice feature and gets a lot done on the tiny screen of the watch without making it look crowded.

apple watch 2
Complications on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Time Travel

Time Travel is another cool and practical feature on the Apple Watch, which updates users quickly about their appointments. It allows you to scroll back and forth on the digital crown, giving you a peek into battery life as well as your day schedule.

This is a really nice feature which gives you a summary of the activities and of the watch without the need of opening any app or unlocking your phone.

There was a lot of fun made of the Mickey Mouse hands Watch face during the launch but Apple Watch now features a more appealing set of watch faces and you can also select your favorite photos from your albums and make them as the face. So, every time you raise your wrist, you look at a new photo.

Pretty neat that one.

The Apple Watch may not be just another gadget, after all.