Impossible for Trump to Harm America More Than Pulpit Orators, Their Allies, Certain Politicians

Mr. Trump, could I meet and talk with you and / or your staff?

Years of research, commentaries, reports, articles, and blogs have called attention to unbridled harm being done to America because of illicit political-religion activities.

This is demonstrated by the sample links of news stories and reports shown below.

To no avail, I too, repeatedly raise my voice. But I feel certain that things will change if you, Mr. President call attention, as well as address the Behemoth existent within Shell and Anonymous Corporation Faith-Based Fraud that’s destroying tens of thousands of lives and business.

I’m not at all suggesting that your Administration is without awareness of these decades-old appalling matters. It’s just that – especially in light of continually pointing fingers at you – far too many people in my African American race refuse to recognize and confront the fact that, primarily via religion (genuine or fake), much of social rage, addictions, poverty, violence, crime, and mental distress is sustained by illegal scheming.

This is being furthered through Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and “pass-through” fraud.

I believe that diligent efforts have been made to thwart America’s massive and complex nonprofit corruption problem that, inter alia, unfairly competes with businesses – and even shuts down some businesses.

I believe that consideration of different approaches could prove worthwhile.

While I humbly await your response to my request for a conference, below are samples of what such a talk could entail. Lastly, since it would be imprudent to publish my contact information via the Internet, I can be researched and contacted through Newsblaze or via my website:

With deepest respect and well wishes,

Barbara Ann Jackson


“Fraud Thriving In U.S. Churches, But You Wouldn’t Know It” [Forbes]

“Rigging the Tax Code to Profit From Disasters” [Counterpunch]

“Churches and Homeland Security Unite To Re-Victimize Katrina Victims” [NewsBlaze]

Fiercely To Stop The Scourge Of Corporate Transparency [Huffington Post]

The History of Privatization – [Talking Points Memo] (funded by corporate chains and billionaires, privatization a standard, intelligence gathered on people and companies, etc.)

An Insider’s Confession: David Kuo Blew The Whistle On ‘Faith-Based’ Fraud [Talk2action]

Demanding Evacuation Rights: In state Shelters during Hurricane Gustav [Indy Media] (includes infants washed with bottled water inside Shreveport port-o-potties . . .)

Disaster, Inc.: Privatization and Post-Katrina Rebuilding in New Orleans [Researchgate]

Why Are There So Many Celebrity Pastors? [Raleys Exposed]

California donor disclosure case exposes how nonprofit groups can play in politics [Washington Post]


“Catching up on odds and ends in Baton Rouge; Fred Tombar lands on his feet, Troy Hebert sends bill to former ATC agent” [Louisiana Voice]

“Pay to play? This multimillion-dollar government contractor refuses to say” [Nola]

“Report details sexual harassment allegations by Louisiana Housing Corporation director suggestive messages cited in investigation” (concerning Fred Tombar -one of Hurricane Katrina Disaster Recovery czars) [The Advocate]

“Religious Earmarks Take Away Nearly $30,000,000 of Federal Money” [Patheos]

“America’s Identity Crisis” (nonprofits, ‘Stimulus Packages’) [RedState]

“Where Did the Katrina Money Go?” [Counterpunch]

“Framing the Poor” [Counterpunch]

Eric S. Roth, Confronting Solicitation of Mass Disaster Victims, 2 GEO. J. LEGAL

ETHICS 967, 972 (1989) (“[I]n an attempt to retain clients and in their zeal [the lawyers] brought shame and discredit to the American bar.”).

Burnele V. Powell, The Problem of the Parachuting Practitioner, 1992 V. ILL. L.REV. 105, 106-109 ([pertains to people who show up at disaster sites and act in their self-interest)

Hocus Pocus Religion Politicized Churches and Federally Funded Oppression [LawGrace]

In Protest of Judicial Political Nonprofit Racketeering via Class Action Cy Pres and Disaster Funding Source of Totalitarianism Unfair Competition Inequity Disintegrated Communities [LawGrace]

Barbara Ann Jackson
Barbara Ann Jackson writes about injustice, illegal issues, abuse of power and impediments to justice at Law & Grace Inc.