How to Tell If Some Auto Parts on Your Car Need Replacing

Routine vehicle maintenance is a common ordeal. Wear and tear do happen. With maintenance, you can know the car parts that require replacement. From a dead battery to car riding roughly, routine car maintenance is important. But how do spot the car parts that require replacement? Well, the article below is going to delve deeper into the matter and help you with the list of auto parts every driver know, Big List of Auto Parts That Everyone Who Drives a Car Should know.

Car Rides Roughly

If you start feeling every pump on the road, check your car’s shocks and struts. A rough ride is a clear indication that the vehicle’s suspension needs work.

Your Car Drifts or Pulls during Turns

If you notice that your vehicle drifts or pulls abnormally when you are turning, know that there is a problem with its suspension system. A failing car suspension system means that the shocks are not working. Therefore, they are unable to keep the car stable when it comes to the centrifugal force. This can increase the risk of rolling over. Thus, you should start thinking of replacing the shocks as soon as possible. Take a step and get a trusted auto repair company to do the replacement.

Uneven Tire Treads

Tires-especially when they are worn-out-can cause an accident. So, before beginning your journey, check the condition of the tires. Check whether the threads are wearing out. Are the threads even? If there are balding spots, that is a sign of worn out tires. They require replacement.

“Oily” Shocks

Look under the car. What is the condition of the shocks and struts? Are they greasy and oily? If so, then they aren’t working properly and it’s time to look for a reputable auto company to do the replacement.

A Shaking, Violent Engine

Does your car shake while running? Then there could be a problem. Check the spark plugs. They may have worn out. Also, consider checking loose and damaged hoses. Take a look at the vacuum or the air hoses. Are they properly interlinked? If the hoses are loose, tighten them up. Consider replacing all the cracked hoses and check whether there is more shaking.

The “Bounce Test”

Not able to spot the above problems? Do you suspect the suspension system? Well, consider trying the bounce test. Here is how to proceed: Apply all your weight on the car while it’s stationary. Then continue by bouncing it 2-3 times. Do the same to its rear side. Then observe how it bounces back. If it continues to bounce for more than 3 times after releasing your weight, then its suspension system isn’t in good shape. It requires replacement.

Other things that can tell you if some parts in your car need a replacement include:

  • Smoke coming for the engine
  • An overheating car
  • An abnormally loud engine
  • Unusual oil spillage from under the car

The Bottom-Line

Take your car seriously. It needs regular maintenance. Minus maintenance, you risk causing an accident. Know the things to watch for in a faulty car. Learn how to spot worn out parts that need replacement. The above tips are all you need. Have a safe ride!

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.