How to Be Worthy of Life Eternal

The pathway of life stretches across the morning horizons and into the fading shadows of dusk. The journey of Man’s life began with the dawning of time when the pathway of life saw man’s first step onto its challenging course.

These journeys of man began with the striking of time which started the monitoring of man’s existence, with time and by time.

Man’s challenge on the pathway of life, is to overcome its obstacles and endure its sometimes painful, demanding, and often, austere conditions and endure. Pain and suffering are part of the normality on this path but there is also joy, happiness, fun, and good relationships.

Agency Is A Guide

Agency is our guide our basic purpose for our journey upon the pathway of life.

We find hiding in the shadows of time the evil doers, the tempters who persuade many to stray away from this always lighted pathway of life; which light is the light, intelligence and will of God. This light is his way of helping man along the pathway of life if they remain to their plotted course.

The great gift of agency guides man through the good or difficult times, but it can also be used by man to revolt against the Maker’s wishes and desires. Man is free to choose good or evil and the tempters are there to persuade and tempt man to leave the light, knowledge, and love of God.

When man chooses good continually or learns the value of right choice and lives in accordance, they find much happiness. But when his time has expired on the path, he continues his journey in the unseen world and the pathway of life is easier without pain and suffering.

There, they learn more than how to live without a body but learn the great values of having a body and keeping their course plotted in the light of God. When time stops, the journeys are done and these who have learned to choose right or use agency for good, they will live in the light of God forever.

When man chooses evil over good they stray away from the lighted pathway and into the dark and dreary world where there swallow the lies of the evil tempters. Some find their way back to the lighted path but others remain in this hollow existence.

When their time has expired or their journey is done, they too must slip into the grave and into the unseen world where they continue their journey of learning. If they learn not to make right choices they must endure their failure and live without the light of God forever…

Agency is our blessing or our condemnation, it entirely depends upon us and no other can be responsible.

Every man, woman, and child walks the pathway of life governed by time. They live and pass away on this journey marked by time. They have a duty to one another to help, lend aid when needed, but the most of any requirement they must learn is how to use their agency to choose good over evil.

Agency measures man by the results of their decisions. Good decisions, (choosing good or evil) always return good results; bad decisions (choosing evil over good) always brings undesired results.

Time: Enemy Or Ally?

But time can be an enemy or ally.

The pathway can be long or short depending upon the set time God allows for those who enter into or on the pathway of life. All must endure whatever their allotted time on the pathway allows them to exist.

Newly born or old in time are subject to the allotted time when they live, breathe and endure the gift of life. No person has the right to stop another’s right of Agency and if they deliberately take another’s life and stop them from using their agency it will not rest well for them in their Eternal Life.

Wisdom must be developed and endurance is required to live, walk and endure the pathway of time and life. Time measures our existence and how we endure that time is judged by God.

We must learn to make right decisions and endure our failures and successes. How then can we ever be worthy of Life Eternal if we do not learn these two important requirements ( to endure, and use agency for good) of Eternal Life with God?

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.