Hire or Fire the Man

What should we do with the crisis this nation faces? We as Americans must look at the politics in the same way we would look at a business if we were stock holders of that business. The main thought we should have is, how this mess happened.

We have a lack of revenue, dept up to our lower lips and most of those who were great workers are out of work. Production is down which means revenue is limited and our CEO and president has had more vacations than we have productive workers. What is going on with this company?

A meeting is scheduled for the stock holders by the management group that was hired to evaluate the company and report to the stock holders. This group explains the seriousness of this dilemma and suggests we hire a new President or CEO.

The debate begins and many oppose firing this guy who has led the company in what may result in bankruptcy. There are groups who want to maintain the same old story, seem set on a knock down fight to keep their man. The other group contends a new proven business man can fix the problems.

Well the argument begins and everyone has a say. The group fighting to keep the unproven CEO and president has a plan. The plan isn’t clear or it has never shown to have worked in years past. The new groups who want to have a new president have their man explain what it will take to bring the company back into the black, or profitable. The agreements continue and you realize something no one else has seen.

The present president is always smiling like a cat that just ate the bird. He is charming and convincing to many people. He sounds intelligent and very knowledgeable but does that make him a good president?

The other man, or president to be, is not as pleasing to the eye as charming. He is direct but has a gentle force full way. He seems very intelligent and knowledgeable and has a proven record in business and life.

You remain quiet and hope others see what you see in this debate. Everything is over but the final vote to fire the old president or bring on board the new man. You see they are capable people but the old president has a very poor record. He literally has failed as president to change the things he said he would change. He is always blaming the man he replaced. You make out a good and bad comparison list of the two men.

If we would really go through this process you decide if the Old guy would be fired or would the new guy win. Just look at this election the same way you look at an employee and remember this is a temporary Job anyway. My suggestion is to look at this presidential election just as you would look at an employee working for you.

Has he done the job or not? If not then replace him with someone who can. If you think he has done the job then keep him but look at the fact first then vote. This is not a black or white choice but is our nation and our way of life that stands in the balance.

Ask your self this one question. Can we as a nation afford a health care system that will cost more money than we can afford to pay at this time. Maybe it is a good idea but now? Where and who will suffer the most to pay for it? The seniors will lose Medacare when it becomes law.

If we make the wrong choice no one wants to face that crisis.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.