Healthy Matters: 5 Signs of Poor Health You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Many signs of poor health stare you right in the face. Things like high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes are commonly associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

And then there are some signs of poor health that go largely ignored. Many signs are often disguised as symptoms of aging or unexplained mysteries. People are eager to put them off, thinking they’re normal, temporary, or otherwise harmless.

But if they go overlooked for too long, you could be putting your health in jeopardy.

If you experience any of the following five symptoms, you may need to have a conversation with your doctor:

1. Premature Graying

Gray hair is a natural part of getting older but going gray too early isn’t just related to aging.

A few gray strands shouldn’t send you into panic mode. But having half of your hair turn gray before you’re 40 could be a sign of diabetes, a heart condition, vitamin deficiency, or other problem.

Gray hair is usually genetic-related. If your parents went gray at a certain age, chances are you will, too.

2. Constipation

Healthy bowels usually move after every meal, but everybody has their own “normal.” However, not having a bowel movement every day or every other day, and your health could be suffering.

Bowel movements rid the body of toxins and make room for more nutrients. But when you’re not eliminating, toxins may enter your bloodstream, causing inflammation and multiple other issues.

3. Excessive Alcohol Intake

This one is easily overlooked because the behavior is also a symptom of poor health.

Excessive alcohol consumption is 15 or more alcoholic drinks per week for men and eight or more for women. Drinking in this extreme causes 88,000 deaths each year.

Many people who consume alcohol in excess may do so because of other conditions, such as anxiety or depression.

Others may be addicted, which is also a sign of poor health. If this is the case, seeking addiction treatment services may be the only remedy.

4. Snoring

Sleep issues are fairly common, from insomnia to RLS. But snoring could be dangerous since it affects your breathing.

Snoring is one of the first signs of sleep apnea, which can obstruct the airways. If left untreated, it could lead to pulmonary hypertension and heart failure.

Don’t confuse ‘common’ with ‘normal’. It’s estimated that over half of the population snores at some point in their lives, but an ongoing snoring problem could be something more serious.

5. Frequent Skin Breakouts

Your skin is the body’s biggest source of elimination. When it starts showing signs of distress, your health could be at risk.

Breakouts like acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rashes could indicate that your nervous system is acting up.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Poor Health!

Do you experience any of these five signs of poor health? If so, don’t ignore them!

They could be nothing, but your doctor can verify whether these signs pose a threat to your health.

It’s better to be safe and healthy than regret not seeking treatment earlier.

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Melissa Thompson
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