God Gives to Man The Plan of Salvation

If the Lord himself were to come to this United States, dressed like an average man who works every day and found people who wanted to talk, what do you think he would talk about?

He would probably try to relate to the common sense of those who live in this uncommon nation. He would go to a park in a small town where people usually spend Sunday afternoons, or a zoo where lots of people gather, then probably sit down on a bench or under a shade tree to talk to the people in this manner.

I’m sure because of his magnetic personality many would gather around just to see what was being talked about.

Come lets us sit down and reason together, as one man reasons with another.

Then the conversation might go on something like this.

What science has proven over these past few years is everything has a life and a reason for its existence. Our earth and the universe are governed by law and this is not the laws of man but of a higher power.

None can escape the law that is eternal not even man. This lets us who are mortal beings understand that we are part of the great plan which is contained in the universe and includes the Earth.

There is nothing that is not governed by law and everything obeys the law or suffers the result for wrong (choices) actions, which is judgment will serve. Law or justice requires payment for wrongs or bad actions (decisions)… So if law requires payment how can we then as people who make wrong decisions and break the laws be excused of our misdeeds?

The people speculate but want to listen of more.

If the purpose of life is to give to man (people) a right to choose between good or evil, then why are we so confused about which way to choose? The earth was created or formed according to the plan as illustrated in the book of Geneses.

Common sense tells us if there is a plan of good for man there must be a plan of evil. This is the law that governs men (people) on earth. This law is called the path of two ways. The Law of Liberty is given to man and is the simple equation to happiness, to make good choices. We choose good or bad, and evil.

A question is asked by an old gentleman.

Is the earth as old as science claims?

Yes and we may not be the first people to occupy space on earth or have the privilege to live first on earth (speculation). We really don’t know now but this truth will be given in time.

He returns to the thought about liberty and adds another thought.

On the other side of the equation is the opposition to good to make right choices. It is called the law of coercion or evil….

This is a force and this force is much like the law of gravity only in the opposite direction. Gravity keeps things stable to remain steady but evil is always pushing things away, enticing from good to bad into captivity, and always fighting against liberty. The Liberty (vs.) Captivity is what this life is all about, making choices that are good or bad…

The law of liberty was written by God and he is the author of all good, which we on this earth embrace and enjoy, our freedom to choose…

The law of captivity is and has always existed and is the opposite of freedom to choose, it is without freedoms and is a negative force… This negative force works not by freedom of choice but enticement to persuade wrong choices that enslave man (people) to its purposes. Its purpose is to destroy freedoms and force its will upon the human race and make his subjects worship him and do his will not God’s.

God gives to man the plan of salvation or happiness. Lucifer gives to man the plan of fear, doubt and unbelief then neglect, frustration, fear and failures…. So here we are on Earth and we have choice which is our agency. We live every day making decisions and we for the most part enjoy life. If we understand these two forces why do we keep making bad decisions and choose misery or slavery?

We know that no person is all good. We also know no person is all bad. We make good decisions and we make bad ones. When we make bad choices we put ourselves in the hands of justice and justice must be satisfied. Judgments of justice are not swift nor are they eternal punishments that will confine us in the mental state of hell.

We must however understand that the law of justice must be satisfied. If we do not want the law of justice to be satisfied on our behalf, then we must know how to find a way to escape…

A woman asks. Is there a way to escape without mercy?

Mercy is the ingredient that pays justice for our indebtedness. If we seek not mercy then we must pay the price, whatever that price of justice demands. In our courts of man’s justice is not the justice of which I am referring to. I refer to the justice that God requires of those who live in His world and suffer themselves to embrace the law of Lucifer or darkness rather than light and knowledge.

The same woman asks. How then can we obtain mercy?

The price of mercy is simple and always available. The payment is not with money but with a promise; which only requires one thing, your loyalty to the keeper of Mercy.

He is the one who can pay for your indebtedness to the Law of Justice, God. If we seek not to have mercy we then must pay the price required by justice. If you seek after mercy, then you must meet the measure required for mercy to pay your debt. The keeper of mercy requires one to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit. They must be loyal subjects to the law of liberty and live worthy to receive complete mercy and payment for their debt.

So I ask you. What do you want, mercy or judgment?

Justice requires payment by either party, mercy or judgment and expects the penalty be paid in full, it requires…

The keeper of Mercy is the Lord of Mercy even Jesus Christ. Seek after him to find mercy and happiness. Seek truth always and pray you might find truth and it will come.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.