Get Rich Quick or Not – Gambling is Another Distraction We Don’t Need Today

Thinking about our society and the attitude of morality and decent behavior of our nation, we need to ask a question. Have we lost our moral values and conduct in this society?

Not yet… At least, not from my perspective.

Always remember one thing; older people don’t have the same viewpoints about life as this newer generation seems to have. They grew up in a different time and world, than most live in now. Not all older people have great morals, but they do seem to know right from wrong.

The following is the view point of an older person born before 1940, who has seen the depression and the results of a crippled society.

Morality is defined as a code of conduct.

By a code of conduct, one governs ones actions and lives by such a code as to their own personal ethics.

Living by a code of conduct, at least in my mind, implies that anyone who has moral beliefs, bases their actions upon the protected religious rights that form their ethics and moral code.

Gambling or gaming, since it implies a desire to profit at the expense of others, involves a breach of the tenth commandment.

Gambling is the child of avarice, the brother of iniquity, and the father of mischief.

Gambling is a confession to all, that he who gambles is weak and desires something for nothing, at whatever cost to others.

Would I hire a man who gambles? No, I would not hire him, because by the nature of that man he already tells me he would gamble with the job he is hired to perform.

Any government that establishes laws and yet legalizes gambling, participates in gambling, and no longer defends or protects the public from the enemies of justice. Gambling has no justice and falls within the laws of avarice, corruption, and greed, which all men must avoid, if a true government, for and of the people, can survive.

Should state laws allow gambling? No, not in my opinion, based on the above reasoning.

These are all quotes from great men over the centuries. Shouldn’t we listen to the past and the history of man? Rome fell because man lost interest in morality.

Earlier today I heard on a local radio “what’s immoral about gambling?” I ask the question “What is moral about gambling?”

Life has many choices and we all face serious choices every day.

Gambling has been around since the beginning of time but so has prostitution, does that make it good?

A question and thought:

Were Enron and Solyndra products of this permissive society toward gambling? Were they quick getting rich schemes that cost millions of dollars and the end product is, someone gets hurt.

If not, why? If so, then who paid the price for such attitudes?

How about Obama’s millions of American Dollars being lost on solar investments? Where did the money go? Is that the end of this president’s gamble? Other rumors around Washington speak of more shady deals with solar energy companies as the focus. Not another gamble?

Should we be teaching (by example) our young people about gambling and other types of quick, get rich schemes? Anyone who asks what’s wrong with gambling or what’s immoral about gambling, has already defined their life by the question. They have formed the belief that whatever they do, say, act, or participate in, has no moral or ethical effect on anyone but themselves.

This is the attitude of life since the mid-nineteen sixties and it seems to get worse with every passing generation. Freedom isn’t the right to abuse freedom but it’s a blessing from a God who wants man to embrace freedom and use it wisely. Gambling is a vice to capture man and reduce man’s freedom.

“Know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

Does an intelligent man want to smoke if he knows the danger of smoking? Would a society want to embrace alcohol if they knew it would enslave the many who drink?

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”

That question was asked long ago by a man who had just ended the freedoms of his brother.

At what cost do we tolerate the right of being free to enslave others because of their personal weaknesses? Are we free who see our neighbors as slaves to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or gambling? These are all symbols of this society.

Are we free to choose between good and evil? First one must know the difference. Are illegal drugs evil? Is immorality evil? Is smoking evil? Is alcohol evil? Is gambling evil?

Where does one draw the line? Now, is the line you just drew, the same line for everyone? How about the Native American? What effect does alcohol have on them? How about the weak of body and mind? Do they deserve laws to protect them? When do we as a society quit worrying about our own personal rights and begin thinking about the rights for everyone, for the rights that made and will keep a nation free.

Could our society do better without drugs, alcohol, tobacco, adultery, gambling and all other forms of stupid desires? How much money does our government pay or spend to solve the problems of this society who continue to abuse freedom?

Millions, my friends, millions of tax dollars to help the sick, the weak, and those addicted to the vices of this society. How many children go to bed every night in this country without proper nutrition because their parents are addicts or slaves to a society that indulges in the evils of this world?

All of the terrorists are not located in third world countries. They live here, right at home. They sell drugs to our children and adults who can’t escape from their chains of slavery.

Another thought: Was Enron a product of this permissive society toward gambling and whatever sells is justified?

Have we come to the point where we believe anything for Fun? Immorality, Drugs, Drinking, Lewd language, Nudity and whatever else goes on out in the world, what does gambling matter? When a person becomes so indebted to their own immorality and way of life, they always try to justify their own actions with this argument, “what’s wrong with that, everyone does it, or I’m free to do as I choose, or it only affects me and no one else.”

Well you answer the question. What is wrong with it?

Think about the young people coming of age who hear and see the effects of the drugs and other terrible problems, or the issues of immoral conduct. Every person who indulges in these activities will have to answer for their actions.

So I believe every person should do some good, and wake up and live, and be free of addictions, the cost of which not only affects you, but society. And it perpetuates itself to the next generation.

Every day in this nation, children are born, already addicted to drugs. I ask what are we doing to ourselves and our children? God help us and the future generations if we don’t wake up before it is too late.

No one can harm the man who does himslef no wrong.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.