Family is The Most Loving Security on Earth

When everything else is falling apart in life the family unit should hold together and will never neglect any of its members. Of the constants in the world family should be the most dependable, reliable and the most loving security on earth when one of their members need help.

I grew up in a house hold where my mother was a queen. She was a lovely lady and loved by her husband, daughter, and son. She gave birth to three children but another son died at birth which left a great whole in our mother’s heart.

She wanted so much to have another child but never had any other children.

When she was growing up her family lived through the great depression and she married my father in 1932. When the depression ended those difficult conditions didn’t end. She lost her last child who died at birth in 1-40.

Her younger brother passed away 1941, then her mother and in 1942 her father went the way of the silence deep in 1943.

It closed a long difficult chapter in her short life time. She continued to raise her other children and after her first son graduated from high school she also closed the curtain of her life and quietly slipped into the life beyond.

In her short life of 44 years she endured many trials and tribulations. The depression ended her education as she had to find a job as a waitress to help her family survive the ordeal of no work and no money. She met my father in the late twenties and they were married in the early thirties.

People who went through the depression and then though WWII had a grip on the value of life and living every day and how important families are… The twenties and thirties changed people’s lives but the forties changed the world. My father never endured combat but that didn’t affect personality he just loved life and loved his family.

We grew up in Colorado and lived a favorable life style while having the advantage of good education system. My sister also fared well in her youth with parents who loved her greatly. Rose was a talented girl and capable of being a star but life had another plan for her and it wasn’t becoming a singing star.

Mom wanted her to be a happy child and taught her the basic skills a mother would need raising children. Rose had stars in her eyes because of her early experiences at singing, dancing and playing the piano for those men, young and old, working at CCC and WPA camps in Colorado.

She performed at school plays and other events around the City of Denver. These experiences fed her soul the excitement and some glory of how a star must have felt in the lime light of show business. It was exciting and people loved her and were gracious, kind, and appreciative of her talent.

She shone in the light of public appeal. Her grandparents on her mother’s side of the family dearly loved her and she became locked in the arms of euphoria.

A good mother and a good father are so very important to children. If they hadn’t been good parents their children would never turned out to be good citizens and parents to the grand children who became the legacy of the family name. The family tree continues to grow into the fifth generation that still holds the family values paramount.

This traditional family ideals established in this nation of America goes back to 1740’s. How important are family values to the American people today? Do we place a value on the generations past and those who are yet to be born?

Do we understand how important it is to be good honest people with high ideals, integrity and loving appreciation for past, present and future generations?

The greatness of America is so simple we sometime miss what it is, the family. Good citizens come from good families. Religious people come from good religious families.

Love and caring people come from loving and caring families. The desire to grow, get educated, become good citizens and respecting the rights of others comes from good families.

Schools do little to establish the core of honest and productive members of society, they can educate but they miss the productive juices of the daily example parents are or can be to the children they raise. . .

Few teachers love their students and few teachers can teach like a mother or father teach that ignites the core values of respect, love, and example needed for this society.

The American dream is dwindling away. This dream isn’t just becoming rich and famous but to enjoy family, to be loved and appreciated for who one is and who they eventually become. Family is that a person knows they will always have a family that loves them and will love them come what may, good or bad.

This kind of love is never destroyed and lives through time into eternity. The glue of life is the family it holds us together when everything else seems to be falling apart. It is much like faith and if we believe it can be.

God Bless America and God Bless the Families of America.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.