Extraterrestrials on The White House Lawn

What would it mean, right now, if extraterrestrials landed on the White House lawn – as the doubters keep demanding they do – and made their civilization(s) known to man on Earth?

They would hardly be classed as illegal immigrants, or legal ones for that matter. They are by definition from an advanced race of men, so if we were not ourselves somewhat advanced and even long cultured, it would be as if we were primitive tribesmen, visited by beings who would seem to us as gods in their unprecedented power.

Except we are advanced, we have ourselves been as far as the Moon. What do these beings have that we don’t have?

For one thing, they act as if space were their home. Some of them have been buzzing around in our skies for hundreds, even thousands, of years, and never have they been known to camp out, or build structures to live in on the Earth. We seem to be just off the interstellar interstate here – a rest stop, or better still, a tourist attraction.

We have some things they like to come and see, and maybe make a few doodles in our crop fields to see what we do with them, but we are pretty much treated like ants by them. Every now and then they grab one or two of us and poke us, and project pictures of subliminal import – nuclear explosions destroying the world, say, or a new race of hybrid space babies destined to populate the world after Homo Sapiens – which show us they can access our subconscious hopes and fears; and they seem to prefer to communicate that way, as if our subconscious minds were more valuable than our conscious ones, to them.

But in landing on the White House lawn they would be making a huge change in their approach. They would be accessing our conscious minds, appearing openly to anyone walking by, rather than trying to give us nightmares, or just casual thrills, by waving their ships at us from a safe distance over our heads. “Over our heads,” that is the key phrase for the way they have appeared to us, apparently throughout history (you have seen those old paintings that show what can only be called UFOs in the background sky, by Leonardo da Vinci for example, haven’t you?).

They have never come close enough to barter for sugar, or gold, or anything we may have on the Earth. They act like they don’t need us, they just want us to know “there are more things in Heaven and Earth” than we dream of in our philosophies, to paraphrase Shakespeare. And, if those who claim to receive psychic talk from this or that wise one among them are correct, they want us to know some of them (apparently there are different races of them, too – or different species) are like fathers to us, believe our proper development is important to them, and are all too eager to give the kind of obvious and civilizing advice that dads always try to drill into their children while they are young enough to listen and learn.

And that’s just what was drilled into mankind, worldwide, by the “gods” of ancient myth and legend. The leader of the “gods,” in every mythology, was the “All-Father,” loving and caring of all his “children” – meaning us, mankind on Earth. Which brings us back to the awkward first question we started with: What if Dear Old Dad, or his close relatives, were to land on the White House lawn? Whoa, Dad, what are you doing here? (Cheese it, guys; the old man has come back!)

The answer, of course, depends upon just how mature we are, how much we have learned in our sojourns on Earth, (which, by the way, we call “lifetimes,” but which wise men and women have always told us were like shadows on the cave wall compared to our true lifetimes, on another level of being known as “spirit”).

We could go on for some time, daydreaming about how the subsequent conversations might go:

“So, Son – or Daughter (whichever you are, dear reader) – I hear you people have been to the Moon, and dropped some atomic bombs here and there on the Earth! I bet all that felt special.”

“Oh, somebody put a dent in one of my comets, did you know that? Rammed right into it, like they were trying. What was that about? Just trying to ‘see something’, is that right?” Well, good, good.”

“You don’t seem to be getting along with one another on Earth, you know. Did you get my notes – the tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the crop circle hints?”

“What do you mean, you didn’t know those were messages – I made this world as a puzzle to solve, just for your benefit, and you’re telling me you don’t even know how to recognize a symbol, after all this time?”

“Just why do you think your world is so crazy right now? Doesn’t that tell you something? That something greater is going on than just all of you on Earth trying to “enjoy life” or struggle to make money? Do you know what “spirit” is? Do you even know what ‘meaning’ means?.” ..

But let’s stop there. In point of fact, the “gods” already landed openly, before the beginning of human history, and raised mankind in the beginning. (That’s why mankind still thinks it can know God – even though “God” is a concept beyond our ability to thoroughly know – because it has had this early example of the “All-Father” at the very dawn of humanity on Earth.)

And the “gods” remade the surface of the Earth, and the solar system, partly to leave a designed message for mankind. We are not alone. We are the offspring of the “gods.” They want us to solve the puzzles of this world, and know delight in the solving.

And we have been doing that, more or less, and painfully slowly though it seems. Only now, their world design has been discovered by modern man (see “The Earth and Man: Setting the Stage”), and the bigger puzzle is before us (at the same time, now, as all those “little” puzzles in our “wall shadow” lives, like respecting and loving one another).

Where is the delight you should be feeling now, from solving the puzzles before you? That’s what Dad is going to expect, if and when he lands on the White House lawn.

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