An All-Essential Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer for the Big Day

Finding the ideal wedding photographer can be a somewhat arduous task, especially since it comes on top of all the other things one has to do to prepare for a wedding: finding a venue and caterer, deciding on the theme and the music, finding the wedding dress and the suit for the groom, and so on. But the benefits of finding the perfect photographer are definitely immense. One wants the big day to be documented in the proper way, after all. It wouldn’t do to look back on the wedding without being able to view beautiful photos to commemorate this momentous occasion. But all that being said, how does one find the right photographer? Here’s an all-essential guide to finding the perfect wedding photographer for the big day.

  • Know the preferred style

It pays to do some research, particularly when it comes to wedding photography style. There are three basic kinds of wedding photography: photojournalistic, traditional, and classic. The photojournalistic style is where the photographer focuses on capturing everyone at the wedding in natural poses and behaviours. The photographer will rarely ask one to pose – instead, they will simply move around the room and capture one in his/her element. It’s natural and not ‘forced’. In the traditional style, the photographer will be heavily involved throughout the wedding day, and they will produce shots that are posed and spend a lot of their time posing the couple according to what makes for the best shots. In the classic style, the photographer will often do both – they will have the bride, the groom and the guests do some special poses, but they will also make it a point to capture everyone in their natural element.

When one knows his/her preferred style, it will be easier to find the proper photographer who will fit his/her preference.

  • Go for professionals, every time

One may think he/she’s saving a bit of money by ‘hiring’ his/her Cousin Harry to do the honours, but think again. This isn’t just a day at the beach – it’s the wedding day, after all. It’s not worth the risk. A professional photographer will have the necessary experience to capture the best moments on the wedding day, and they will know what to do, where to go, how to position their shots, and more. Only a special wedding photographer will be able to capture the guests’ emotions (and the bride and groom’s own emotions as well), and they will be able to tell a story through the photos they take.

  • View samples of their work

It’s equally important for one to view samples of the wedding photographer’s work – and by this, we mean not just photos of the bride and her wedding dress, but photos of the entire event and the people in it. Look for more ‘personal’ photos such a photo of the bride hugging her dad, the bride and groom sharing a stolen kiss, and so on. Also, check if all the photographs have the same depth, quality, and character. When looking through sample photos, check if the photographer’s style matches one’s preferred style and whether or not they have been able to tell the couple’s story through their photos.

Melissa Thompson
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