Do a Google Search for ‘Gun Control Aurora; a Million Editorials Pop Up!

John Lennon’s enticing slogan ‘Give Peace a Chance’ will ring on deaf ears, in light of the Aurora massacre. Nothing will get done in the way of much needed gun control. Why? The NRA are bullies!

Everyone is afraid to stand up to them, especially politicians, but at least we peons can give it try (though we know the situation will only worsen). If one person will stand up to the NRA, we can break their chokehold, so here I go!

gun control aurora

I don’t need a gun to stand up to these bullies! I’ve got Freedom of Speech. People don’t need to have guns. Throw them away! You purchased a pistol to protect your family, but you end up using it to shoot your beloved wife or vice versa.

She’s at home, you get mad at her and shoot her when you’re all liquored up. That simulated home invasion you saw on TV is just a paranoid fantasy, that fuels your need to pack a loaded pistol under your sweaty (from paranoia) pillow.

Yea, you end up using it on your own. I’m not just spinning cotton candy! I’ve been doing research and reading the arguments on both sides of the fence, the weaker voice of pro-gun control and the stronger voice of vehemently anti-gun control.

Just do a Google search for Gun Control Aurora, and two thousand angular, polished editorials will pop up magically on your computer screen. I took a sample of around a dozen of the best, and printed out seven cream of the crop pieces.

I’ve been following this issue since the 1960s and was surprised to learn the air has been let out of the balloon for ‘reasonable gun control laws.’ I mean, the situation has changed drastically with the introduction of assault rifles, which the gangs armed themselves with for the purpose of enforcement (especially the AK-47), mostly in drug deals.

The game changed in the early 1990s with this powerful weaponry in the hands of organized criminals.

A watered-down assault weapon ban was in place in 1994, but it expired in 2004, during George Bush’s failed presidency. However, the weaponry just got more and more powerful and increased the efficiency of killing our fellow human beings.

The Second Amendment argument is a hollow bullet in the face of a massive proliferation of powerful armaments made easily accessible to nut cases such as ‘carrot top!’

The Second Amendment was written to encourage militia men, who had to go home to take care of their families, to be prepared to return to duty to protect their (our) country. They would need to bring along their trusty long-barrel squirrel rifles, which were used only for hunting, to provide food (meat) for their families.

These rifles could be used to pick off Red Coats too, since these frontiersmen were very good shots. Our wise forefathers couldn’t fathom the twisted arguments used by the NRA lobbyists, to propitiate their (circular polemic) and endless insanity of weapons used only by crazy people to slaughter the innocent.

What I’ve learned through the years, is that violence only begets more and more violence. Firearms make you paranoid. The government is not going to steal your pistol that’s resting peacefully under your pillow.

The guns themselves are making you crazy. A loaded pistol will make you paranoid, then you might use it once you get some alcohol in your system, which breaks away your inhibitions, but accents your fears, hostilities, or anxieties.

Who you gonna kill? Someone in your own family, not a home invader or a terrorist. (Gun Control Advocates) Don’t cower, stand up to the NRA! They can’t push us around. ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’ yea, so let’s get some solid gun control legislation before it’s too late! *(1,2,3,4,5,6,7, all good children go to heaven!)

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