Crossfire War: S. Asia; Dhaka – 200 Small Bombs, Militant Training CDs Seized

200 Small Bombs and Bomb Making Material Siezed – 60 Militant Training Manual CDs Found

Night Watch: DHAKA – “The Rapid Action Battalion of police also seized several weapons, masks, printed documents and money from the hideout in Dhaka’s Purbo Bashabo area during a raid on Thursday,” said a police officer quoted by Reuters.

The brother of the head of Jmaat-ul-Mujahideen, Shayek Ataur Rahman was in the area where the raids were conducted but escaped.

Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia stated her resolve to deal sternly with anyone trying to project Bangladesh as an extremist nation and called for the largest opposition party, Awami League to end their differences with the government and form a joint effort.

“We are determined to find out and punish whoever may be involved in the bombings under whatever religious or other cover. They will not be spared.”

The opposition however is giving no indications of accepting her offer. Awami deputy leader Advocate Abdul Hamid responded, “We decided not to go in because we had no assurance from the Speaker or the government of a free and full-scale parliamentary discussion on the bombings.”

The head of the Awami League, former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also stated, “The Prime Minister’s statement in parliament was an effort, like she did in the past, to protect the perpetrators behind these heinous crimes. Many of those arrested were militants directly or indirectly associated with Jamaat-e-Islami party.”

She concluded that her party will continue to boycott Parliament. August, last year she escaped a grenade attack that killed 23 of her party members.

Jamaat-e-Islamli is Bangladesh’s largest Islamic political party and is a partner in Khaleda’s coalition government and has two ministers in her cabinet. It should not be surprising some of them want more of an Islamic state, perhaps on the order of Iran and that the time to cooperate with Khaleda had come to an end.

What Tehran-Islamabad-Kuala Lumpur have in mind is for Bangladesh to be ruled instead by an Islamic coalition and quite willing and prepared to become the third front against India. The first being Kashmir, and the second, India’s northwest border with Pakistan.

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