Crossfire War – US Sends Third Carrier to Persian Gulf

Crossfire War –

Washington – London – Tokyo Watch – Persian Gulf Theatre: Washington – London – Canberra – Tokyo/Teheran – Riyadh – Doha – Oman; US Sends Third Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise and Strike Group to Persian Gulf – Pentagon Considering Sending A Fourth

Night Watch: PERSIAN GULF – Debka reports Washington is sending a third carrier strike force, led by the USS Enterprise to the Persian Gulf to join the other two carrier groups led by the USS Stennis and USS Nimitz. There is no word on when the Enterprise is due to arrive.

It has also been reported the Pentagon is considering sending a fourth carrier. The Enterprise is escorted by guided missile destroyers, a guided missile cruiser and a nuclear powered submarine.

This is the largest military buildup of U. S. forces opposite Iran, which has trained its navy and military, especially all last year, in what is called “asymmetric warfare”, attacking a larger more powerful enemy from different directions at once. Recently the Stennis actually practiced fighting off attacks from numerous small missile boats. [DEBKA]

It is to Teheran’s advantage this action will take place right off Iran’s coast and that the UK/US have waited so long to finally confront Iran this directly instead of right after 9/11 when Iran was not this well prepared and trained. Bin Laden can’t arrange anything like flight school training.

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