Crossfire War – Turkish Forces Intercept PKK Fighters in Unuderi – SE Turkey

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Night Watch: UNUDERI – The Turkish government pretense of working with the West and Russia is about to come to an end. has stated repeatedly Ankara’s apparently desperate and eager attempt to join the European Union (EU) was actually Turkey’s deceptive diplomatic policy of misleading Brussels, headquarters of both the EU and NATO, into believing Ankara would never seriously cooperate with Tehran. has been a consistent chronicle of meetings between Turkish – Iranian military-foreign ministry officials planning military cooperation on regional issues, the latest being the long standing security problems both countries face from Kurdish guerrilla groups, the PKK in southeast Turkey and the PJAK in western Iran, along the Iraq border in both countries.

Though the international community have long designated the PKK as a terrorist organization only Tehran has been willing to cooperate militarily with Ankara in combatting the problem as governments in the West stand on the sidelines and pontificate their complacent lofty view. Reality on the ground is very much beneath them. Both Ankara-Tehran are fully aware NATO, what’s left of it, will soon have all it can handle from Serbia-Albania and Russia has yet to end its military standoff with Tbilisi in the South Caucasus. [ALJAZEERA]

Al Jazeera reports fighting has broken out between Turkish forces who intercepted PKK guerrillas in the village of Unuderi in southeast Turkey just across Iraq’s border. In a statement released by the PKK it admitted its fighters were indeed moving north to attack targets in Turkey connected to the two main political parties, the ruling AKP of the government and the main opposition party CHP. A Kurdish spokesman even stated leading government officials, including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan are also being targeted for assassination.

Ankara – In announcing further justification for invasion Turkish Press reports the Prime Minister stated Friday, “If terrorism is based in a neighboring country and if that country does very little about it, then it falls on us to act.” Regarding the international criticism Ankara will be confronted with by the West-Russia, Erdogan continued, “The cost is already calculated. The bill we be paid.”

This is Ankara’s way of saying the sixty years of cooperation with the West-Russia, since the Second World War 1939-45, are at an end. Ankara sees not only more of a future but also more of a present in giving more priority to military-regional cooperation not only with Islamic governments, but also with every government in Southeast Europe opposed to the continued military occupation of the former Yugoslavia by NATO forces from the U.S. and Western Europe. [TURKISHPRESS]

This is the mis-calculated result of the most divisive policy-making in modern European history that has resulted in the international chaos Tehran thrives on by working with any government opposed to the West-Russia and that cooperation is more than just Friday sermons from spiritual leaders. It also includes massive financial assistance from financial capitals in the Islamic world, which makes it easy for Ankara to add to its defense budget, “pay the bill.” Ankara’s regional policies in every major theatre of this war matches Tehran perfectly. In Southeast Europe Ankara-Tehran have strategic relations with Athens-Belgrade-Sarajevo, in West Asia – Damascus-Baghdad-Riyadh, in South Caucasus-Tbilisi and in South Asia-Islamabad. But since the West has not taken Turkey seriously for sixty years all these moves were ignored and again what has really fooled the European Union was their being flattered to death by Ankara’s diplomatic dance of being desperately eager to enter the strict social-economic structure of the EU.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.