Crossfire War – Turkey President’s Speech-‘May Allah Not Embarrass Us’

Crossfire War – Ankara – Tehran – Athens Watch – Southeast Europe – West Asia Theatre: Ankara – Athens – Belgrade – Tirana – Tehran – Damascus – Baghdad – Riyadh/Vienna – Brussels – Warsaw – London – Washington; President Abdullah Gul Inaugural Speech Closes with “May Allah Not Embarrass Us”

Night Watch: ANKARA – The linked article by astute Turkish Daily columnist Barcin Yinanc is an excellent, expert analysis and deciphering, detecting the clues of newly elected President Abdullah Gul’s inaugural address.

Barcin mentioned he perfectly balanced his speech to cover both branches of Turkish society the religious – Islamic branch that he leads and the secular-nationalistic branch that he and Islamic groups acknowledge.

Turkey, as has every Islamic government except the one in Egypt, have followed Iran’s example, the religious leadership are cooperating perfectly, on regional-international issues, with political-nationalistic groups and business interests that also desire to see the West have less influence in regional-international affairs, therefore they continue military preparations for war – Jihad by either declaring war directly or by sending financial-military support to countries that are going to.

The only disputes within both branches of society are domestic and in Turkey, they revolve around whether women and girls should be allowed to wear the Islamic headscarf in public. [TURKISHDAILYNEWS]

At the same time, Turkey is at the center of Islamic countries preparing to militarily support non-Islamic governments fighting the same enemy the West-Russia-India. Therefore, Ankara has improved its relations with Athens since Greece is also opposed to the continued occupation of Serbia-Kosovo, which is why privately Ankara wants to see Belgrade do well against NATO forces, and Turkey knows Serbia hates NATO more than they hate the Albanians in Kosovo.

Turkey shares the hatred of Vienna-Brussels with every other government in the Balkans and President Abdullah Gul knows Turkey’s apparently eager and desperate bid to enter the European Union has been part of the Islamic world’s campaign of deception.

Turkey has been using all the meetings and publicity surrounding their deceptive effort to masque Ankara’s strategic military relations with Tehran. That is the reason Ankara allowed an Iranian missile expert to arrive in Turkey in February, (2-28-07) because they know he is a high level military liaison that will launch some of Iran’s Shahab-3 missiles at Vienna in order to end the investigation into Iran’s nuclear weapons program by the United Nations agency based there.

Ankara has been just as willing as Tehran to take advantage of NATO’s ridiculous strategic mistake of ignoring the war in the energy rich region of the Caucasus and Brussels’ refusal to assist Russian units there against Islamic fighters.

Instead, NATO kept planning more power projections against Serbia. Ankara is also going to openly assist Tehran’s invasion into Europe through the Balkans. Now that Russia has largely defeated the Islamic fighters in the North Caucasus, Ankara – Tehran have increased their support for the non-Muslim Georgian government in Tbilisi further south. Turkey has also completed preparations to invade northern Iraq and is waiting for fighting in the country to intensify just a bit more before doing so.

President Gul, along with the rest of the country’s military-political leadership, immediately realized the potential of Beijing’s massive support for the Islamic world’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs and China’s reason for doing so is no mystery to them. Ankara-Tehran are fully aware Beijing wants to see three of its international rivals weaker, the West-India-Russia.

Of course, almost none of the above was mentioned in his speech but Gul knows during his term he will witness the successes of Turkey and other Islamic governments preparations for the (f)allout fighting that could begin this month on at least one of the regional theatres besides the one on their southern border, Iraq in West Asia. With his inaugural address Gul basically re-stated the modern principles of Turkey’s first national leader after the end of the Ottoman Empire with the First World War 1914-18, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who realized though Turkey is an Islamic country it should restrain the unstable influences of extremism while at the same time embrace modern sciences and politics including higher education and rights for women.

What Gul of course also deliberately failed to mention was Ankara pursuing, since the end of the Cold War in 1990, the foreign policy art of indirect rule first perfected by the Persian Empire and revived by Tehran since the Khomeini Islamic revolution there in 1979. Instead of controlling a country militarily, the leading capital invests in an area and the people-cultures-societies of the area rule their country or region for you. All the imperial capital has to do is provide them with financial and military assistance. In addition, if rival societies remain weak and ineffective you can rule the strategic parts of the world for quite some time. That is again why Turkey-Iran have embraced all the diverse people and governments who agree with their regional and worldview.

It is especially interesting Gul, toward the end of his speech said, “May Allah not embarrass us.” He knows Allah’s influence can lead to delusional thinking and policy making which is why Gul never mentioned how wonderful it is most people in Central Asia are Turkish speaking. In 1990, as the Soviet Union was withdrawing from Central Asia, a Turkish member of Parliament actually said publicly Turkey would control land in the former Soviet Union. That of course is obviously not going to happen and I think Gul realizes he should refrain from statements like that or the one he made on March 8, 2003, “Those who are in Northern Iraq and also in whole Iraq, including the Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens, are our relatives.” Perhaps the most sociable reason in all of history to justify an invasion.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.