Crossfire War – Traces of Polonium 210 Found in Mayfair Office of Berezovsky

Crossfire War – CHIASSO WATCH – Caucasus – Caspian – Central Asia Theatre: Chiasso – Vaduz – Basel – Geneva – Berlin – Milan – Vienna – Paris – Chicago – Moscow/London – Tehran; Russian Criminal Financial Agent of Britain – Iran Liquidated by Moscow – Litvienko Associate of Fugitive Russian Billionaire Boris Berezovsky Based in Mayfair – Traces of Polonium 210 Found in Mayfair Office

Night Watch: CHIASSO – Regular readers of know that almost all of my articles are only on the military moves and preparations of nations involved in the war and some of the suspected reasons behind their decisions, but occasionally something happens behind the financial scenes which is of extreme significance. A similar case happened in Geneva with the death of the French private banker Edouard Stern who was found dead in his apartment above a police station March 2005 as mentioned on at the time. It was reported, by the New York Times, that Stern headed the British engineering firm Delta and I suspected they had projects in Iran involved in direct assistance to Iran’s military preparations for (f)allout war and Tehran had no more use for him. They certainly did not want Stern serving the Allied war effort. [RIA]

But Tehran and obviously banking circles in The City of London, its financial center, still had plenty of use for the criminal Russian financial agent Alexander Litvienko who was assassinated with a radioactive substance, polonium – 210, a by product of uranium, on November 1 as he dined at the Itsu sushi restaurant in London and later died at the hospital. It is possible that Scotland Yard assisted in the death, being encouraged to do so by Britain’s Foreign Office. As a result of attacks last year and terrorist schemes directed at Britain, No. 10 Downing has to become more active in the Allied effort against Iran or any of their agents.

Litvienko’s main known contact was the Russian fugitive billionaire Boris Berezovsky, still wanted for fraud by at least Moscow. I suspect Berezovsky had to flee Russia at the end of the Yeltsin administration because he may have been one of the main reasons Russia’s budget kept being deposited in Switzerland and Cyprus, which caused Russia’s economic collapse in 1998.

Which means Berezovsky is still wanted by the entire Paris Club of industrial investors in Russia, Moscow oldest and main source of hard currency. First he fled to Switzerland but has since become a citizen of Britain. This latest embarrassment could prevent him from becoming knighted. I suspect that palatial-estate circles in Britain are now saying they never knew him, which could cause him to implicate them by simply mentioning the people in The City who have advised his criminal fortune. Being knighted for ruthless financial successes is not unusual for the Court of St. James; it’s what they have long preferred.

In that established corrupt tradition they decided to have no economic embargo against Iran and had the San Francisco based engineering concern construct bases for Iran after the Gulf War ended as shown on CNN and warned by Henry Kissinger in 1991. Their decision making is that much in the dark, they lost their minds quite some time ago. The only thing left to do is eliminate the most damaging elements and Berezovsky is next and whoever else he implicates.

That is why the residents of Chiasso, a disturbed town in Switzerland, almost on the Italian border, and not at all pleased with rogue billionaires and their agents, are now quietly celebrating not only the liquidation of Litvienko but also the recent discovery by British police of traces of polonium-210 in the Mayfair office of Berezovsky. The Financial Times mentioned about ten years ago Chiasso is a watering hole of the serious rich. These are not the kind of people you may find in established society gossip columns. But primarily in the board rooms of private banks and their industrial concerns with their constant daily round – the – clock contact with their financial relations in North America and Asia, the level of society that hires the Rothschilds. They did not want to see an insolvent Russia lose control over the vast resources of Central Asia or the Caucasus-Caspian region, Tehran and the Jihad’s main economic objective. If Moscow lost control of that vast area then industrial services all over Europe – North America -Japan would become less active. I assumed it was Chiasso who suggested these unsettling influences be dealt with.

Nikolai Kovalev, a former head of Russia’s FSB, their intelligence service, stated that the discovery of the radioactive poison in Berezovksy’s own office now implies- implicates him. This is definitely a loss for Tehran, who benefited from Moscow’s corruption that led to Russia being defeated in the first Chechen war, 1994-96, because Russian units were not being paid since their salaries were being deposited in Switzerland and Cyprus. That was the reason Berlin found Vladimir Putin and made him head of state. Putin is a former Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB.

Russia’s credit-investment rating has just increased with the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.