Crossfire War – ‘The Time is Now’ – Kosovo PM Agim Ceku

Crossfire War – PRISTINA – TEHRAN – TIRANA WATCH – Southeast Europe Theatre: Pristina – Tehran – Ankara – Sarajevo – Skopje – Tirana/(Brussels – Vienna – Warsaw)/Kosovska Mitrovica – Belgrade – Athens – Sofia – Moscow; “the Time is Now, There is No Need for Discussion, There is No Need for Negotiation” – Kosovo Pm Agim Ceku – Meeting in Washington Next Week With State Department

Night Watch: PRISTINA – Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku stated with certainty, over Bloomberg News, the Albanians in Kosovo were “expecting to get” support from Washington when he is scheduled to meet Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice next week in the U. S. capital. Ceku continued, “We will be talking of the necessity to move now.” He emphasized pressure is increasing in Kosovo to declare independence immediately. [SERBIANNA]

Based on statements from Secretary of State Rice, speaking to reporters in route to Lisbon, Washington is definitely ready to support Ceku. “The United States is absolutely committed to that. We are committed to an independent Kosovo and we will get there.” This is virtually a declaration of war. If independence is announced by Ceku next week, and with Washington’s official approval, then war in Southeast Europe will begin again next week started by Belgrade and the Serbian militias already in position in southern Serbian and northern Kosovo province. And it is quite possible some of the Serbian forces will concentrate on targeting NATO troops instead of Albanian nationalists. [SWISSINFO]

When Serbia Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic heard of Dr. Rice’s position he responded, “Imposing independence of Kosovo to Serbia outside the Security Council is a guarantee to destabilize the Western Balkans.” That is exactly what Tehran is waiting to happen, which is why Iran has establish strategic-military relations with every capital in the former Yugoslavia, in order to help the West find reasons to remain insanely committed there and completely out of position, never able to assist Moscow in the most strategic front of World War III, the Caucasus, a crossroads of energy pipelines. Reuters also reported that Portuguese Prime Minister Luis Amado stated, concerning measures and procedures in the Security Council on this crisis, “If there is no resolution in the Security Council over Kosovo, the EU could start negotiations to have some representatives on the ground (in Kosovo).”

In the meantime, Moscow, which has increasingly distanced itself from any strategic (military) cooperation with the EU, has remained consistent in its support of Belgrade and Russia has taken the lead in the re-arming of Serbia. Russia wisely withdrew its military forces from this region after 1999 as they realized the grand design concept of using disputes in the former Yugoslavia, to showcase European unity from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains, had gone extremely wrong. NATO-Brussels’ nonsensical sense of mission has been used to justify wars with Serbia, which have divided more than just Yugoslavia but all of Europe and NATO itself. Athens is extremely public in its support of Belgrade and a Greek military delegation arrived in Moscow earlier this year led by the head of the Greek 1st Army. Moscow has re-stated its support of the Serbian government by saying any EU/US resolution on Kosovo in the Security Council has “zero” chance of being adopted.

There has been no definite date given yet on the meeting next week in Washington between the State Department and Kosovo Prime Minister Ceku, but if the meeting is early or mid-week then the war begins again next week, possibly on the day after the joint declarations of independence and support. There is no way to realistically expect anything else. I suspect the Serbian militia forces have been told that announcement will be their signal to attack.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.