Crossfire War – Third Explosion in Kosovo Targeting Albanian Official

Crossfire War – BELGRADE WATCH – Southeast Europe Theatre: Tehran – Belgrade/Vienna – Pristina – Brussels; Third Explosion to Target Albanian Kosovo Government Official

Night Watch: PRISTINA – There was an assassination attempt on Naim Behluli, an Albanian senior advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister Lutfi Haziri, when a bomb exploded at Behluli’s house. There were no injuries but this is the third explosion in recent weeks targeting government officials in the Albanian province of Kosovo, which is still officially part of Serbia. Kosovo officials described it as a “cowardly and barbarian act” aimed at “fostering a climate of fear and insecurity.” [SERBIANNA]

This is partially correct but that is the very same climate the Serbs who remain in Kosovo have been experiencing for the past seven years as the UN/NATO looked the other way while Albanians were attacking Serbian residents in the area. I suspect it is Belgrade causing the explosions as their way of indicating, and not through negotiation, that they intend to retain control over the province which has been occupied by NATO-Brussels since 1999.

Serbian leaders have said as much all this year as negotiations began in Vienna which were supposedly intended to lead to Kosovo’s independence. Belgrade obviously has no intention of agreeing to that and is now showing, through its recent military parade and now these bombings, that they will maintain their control by force. Belgrade may also be saying that NATO is powerless to stop the bombings.

Waiting in the international wings is Tehran who signed a security agreement with Belgrade in January in anticipation of renewed fighting that will attract Vienna’s attention away from Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Eventually Albanians will have to respond by launching attacks against Serbian symbols of authority, and the war will be on. Tehran wants to see how many wars the West can be caught up in before Iran launches its offensive against the West. Currently there is Iraq-Afghanistan-Lebanon and now Serbia. News today indicates North Korea could become another.

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