Crossfire War – Serbia Response ‘No Way!’ – ‘Europe Get Lost!’

Crossfire War – Belgrade – Athens – Tehran Watch – Southeast Europe Theatre: Athens – Ankara – Tehran – Moscow – Belgrade/Pristina – Vienna – Brussels – Warsaw; “No Way!” – “Europe Get Lost!” Anti-Eu Response All Over Serbia – Pm Calls for Unity in Defence of Serbia – UN Security Council Final Decision in March – Countdown to Confrontation

Night Watch: BELGRADE – “No Way!” and “Europe Get Lost!” are just the printable reactions by Serbia’s population to the proposal presented by United Nations official Martti Ahtisaari on what amounts to virtual independence for the Albanian majority province of Kosovo in Serbia. Although reported yesterday on a militant Albanian leader of the group Self-Determination and his severe criticisms of the proposal, AKI reports most Albanians fully support Ahtisaari. His plan is scheduled to receive final approval by the UN Security Council in March. Though Russia, which supports Serbia, has publicly stated it will not use its veto to block Kosovo’s independence, Moscow probably realizes realistically it was never possible to have a peaceful resolution and that Brussels-NATO-EU want the war against the Serbs to continue as it has since 1991 with the German led recognition of Croatia’s independence, severing Serbia’s and Bosnia-Herzegovina’s access to the Adriatic Sea. Therefore, Moscow has enabled Belgrade to re-equip Serbia’s military. [AKI]

Reality of course has never been the strong suit of the international organizations, which live for crisis management and manipulation of populations, UN-EU-NATO, in order to show the world their ability to control events at their militaristic will. But these crises are easier started than stopped. Realistic influences like the impact of weapon dealers and outside powers like Tehran and their expert use of availability to support governments and groups, though not Islamic, but have the same enemy, were never considered as having any possible impact on events Brussels-Berlin-Vienna assumed they could orchestrate. Tehran has made certain the West will remain occupied with war in the Balkans by signing, January last year, a security agreement with Belgrade as did Athens in November.

Tehran knows there is unity in hatred and that current, increasing hatred in Belgrade can be used to silence Vienna and the UN International Atomic Energy Agency based there that has been investigating Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Serbia Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica has just called for a “concerted” government to include all Parliamentary parties to support Serbia’s national unity in their defence of Kosovo. President Boris Tadic, though he still advocates negotiation, and is virtually a lone voice in saying that, will not be against any military effort to maintain control over the province. He cannot go against the wishes of his people and would definitely not be against any outside support from Tehran – Moscow – Athens.

A senior political analyst Djorde Vukadinovic observed, “Even the worst pessimists didn’t expect that Ahtisaari’s plan would be so bad and unacceptable for Serbia.” But based on the EU-UN anti – Serbia policies since 1991 it was impossible to expect anything else, as if they want to continue to make Serbia an example. The Serbian Orthodox Church issued this strong statement in denunciation, “Ahtisaari had opted for might is right, instead of the force of law. Ahtisaari can give away his own property to whomever he chooses but no one ever authorized him to give away Kosovo. A peaceful future can’t be built on the right of the stronger, on the dictates of naked force, but only on respect of the principles that all should have some dignity and equal opportunities.” Brussels would of course respond that Ahtisaari was legally authorized by the UN to decide, recommend what Brussels-NATO wanted. This is a blatant continuation of NATO’s projection of power and show of force that it designed to display as the Cold War was ending in 1990.

Serbian government Minister, Zoran Loncar stated Serbia was exposed to a “brutal snatching away of its territory” as well as to “various pressures and blackmail. What Ahtisaari is doing is the worst of evils, and it is best for all to reject his paper immediately instead of wasting our future on the removal of this evil.” Most ordinary Serbs are saying, less diplomatically, “To hell with the European Union.” But they realize verbal responses will not remove preparations Albanians in Kosovo will be making and are now making for their independence. Part of that will be increased attacks against the Serbs who live in the northern part of the province and in the divided city Kosvoska Mitrovica, which has been the scene of many violent engagements between Serbs/Albanians since 1999 when NATO and EU units occupied the province after NATO’s 78 day bombing campaign against Serbia that year.

Fighting could easily begin again as Albanians make their preparations even before the UN Security Council meets in March.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.