Crossfire War – Pyongyang Prepares to Launch Medium Range Missiles

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Eurasia Theatre – North Korea: Tehran – Pyongyang – Beijing/Tokyo – Washington – Delhi; Satellite Images Indicate New Missile Launches from North Korea Imminent – Nodong Medium Range Missiles

Night Watch: TOKYO – The Japanese paper Yomiuri Shimbun says it has been informed by government sources that according to American – Japanese satellite imagery and other intelligence sources several more missile launches from North Korea are imminent. Two launch sites are now ready to launch several Nodong medium-range missiles and a new type of Scud with a range of 700 miles (1,300 km). This is a continuation of the agreement made between Tehran and Beijing, using North Korea as a missile test site for exports to Iran as they make final preparations to attack the West-Russia-India. If these missiles prove effective it could seriously threaten Japan’s strategic economic relations with all three. [BANGKOKPOST]

On Monday Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe said Japan needed to discuss and study the capability of attacking foreign bases. Abe added that such a pre-emptive strike will be seen as self-defense. Tokyo, as well as other Allied capitals, are aware that nothing short of military action will cut off further missile exports from North Korea and if need be the missile sites in the North should be destroyed. This announcement comes just as Beijing is seriously criticizing Tokyo’s UN proposal on North Korea. [JAPANTIMES]

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