Crossfire War: Palestine – Ceausescu Advised Arafat – PRC his Terror Creation

Middle East Theatre; Palestine – 1964 PLO’s Creation – Mission – Ceausescu Advises Arafat – His Last Terror Creation the PRC – Spring 2000

Night Watch: GAZA CITY – As Hamas becomes more political, “moderate”, look for the emergence of a new miliant presence, the Popular Resistance Committees to replace Hamas and take responsibility for future acts of terrorism. [EIN News]

The PRC is the group that was credited for assassinating former Palestinian Authority security chief Moussa Arafat. They are now listed as another extremist group along with, Tanzim and Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, an “enemy of peace”.

This new group will serve the purpose of the Arab street’s desire for Jewish blood and encourage their belief in ultimate victory over Israel while at the same time Hamas becomes more political, respectable and less involved in terrorism. Hamas is already calling on its members to halt attacks.

This is a continuation of the original purpose of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) ever since its creation in 1964. It’s aim was always to destroy the Jewish state for the sake of the greater Arab umma – the Islamic Arab nation. The PLO intended, that after the destruction of Israel, to create another Muslim Arab state.

In 1964 there was no Israeli occupied territory, that was not until Israel’s startling victory in the June 1967 Six Day War. The Palestinians in 1964 were not even considered a nation. Most of them were refugees and were in the process of being absorbed.

In order to bring the Palestinian situation to the international spotlight Yasir Arafat was encouraged by Romania’s dictator Nicolae Ceausescu to create other groups, split off from the PLO, to carry out terrorist attacks but not under Arafat’s or the PLO’s name.

According to Ion Papeca, chief of Romania’s foreign intelligence services, Ceausescu’s advice was, “You can keep as many operational groups as you want, as long as they are not publicly connected to your name. They could mount endless operations…while your name and your government would remain pristine and unspoiled, ready for negotiations and further recognition.”

This advice from intelligent evil, was indeed heeded and a host of splinter terror groups, fighting for the Palestinian cause, have been created since then: PNC, the PNA, the PFLP, the PFLP-GC, Islamic Jihad etc. In 1970 they even believed they were powerful enough to overthrow King Hussein of Jordan.

Over the years Arafat began to be received by heads of state and international organizations, like the UN, and treated as a head of state instead of as a creator of terrorist groups. The strategy was to use these divisions from within his own group and conquer his enemy. In the meantime, as he achieved respectibility, he also amassed an enormous fortune, which upon his death it seemed was managed mostly by the French.

His final creation was in the spring of 2000 with the formation of the Popular Resistance Committee (PRC). They have the same sense of mission as all the other Palestinian groups since 1964, including the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas, the destruction of the state of Israel.

As to the reasons for Nicolae Ceausescu’s interest remains something of a mystery. Perhaps he loved the idea of seeing Jewish people attacked and harassed. Or it could have been part of a wider conspiracy on the part of anti-Semitic circles in Europe who like to see war and instability in the Middle East, however those wars happen. It makes it easier to manipulate the area. At the end of the Cold War the Economist mentioned that most of the money for the PLO came from the former East Germany. They may have referred Arafat to Ceausescu.

Ceausescu’s advice has been followed to the letter by Tehran-Riyadh, and any other Islamic capital that supports the Jihad. The multi-headed hydra of Islamic terror networks whose foundation is Tehran. al-Qaeda (Iran-Saudi Arabia) cannot be controlled from caves in Afghanistan. Eurasia is their battlefield and their sense of purpose, mission, is economic.

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