Crossfire War: NW China/Xinjiang Province (East Turkestan) – “Time Bomb”

Night Watch: URUMQI – The World Uighur Congress (WUC) issued a statement regarding China’s 50th anniversary celebration of Beijing’s rule over East Turkestan and re-naming it Xinjiang Province. [EIN News]

It was shortly after World War II that China invaded the region in an announcement to the world that the “new” revolutionary China would be just as imperial as the old China. Societies retain their character.

The WUC statement said, “The policies of political oppression, cultural assimilation, economic exploitation, ecological destruction, racial discrimination have gradually turned East Turkestan into a time bomb. As a result, severe anti-Chinese sentiment is intensified throughout East Turkestan. China’s founder Mao Zedong died three decades ago, but China’s strategic, political and economic objectives in East Turkestan have remained unchanged.”

“The present Chinese leaders are continuing the same policy to transform East Turkestan completely into a Chinese colony…”

If Beijing ever proves unreliable in sending advanced weaponry and technology to the Islamic world, then Tehran-Ankara-Riyadh could respond by encouraging Uighur independence groups to remove Beijing’s presence in the area.

The coming war with Japan, over energy areas in the East China Sea, will test Beijing’s resolve and ability. Due to enormous corruption, that even established economic media is expressing more concerns over, it is extremely unlikely the Central Government can sustain an effective military effort on any front.

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