Crossfire War – Islamic Wahhabi Leader Killed in Firefight with Serbian Police

Crossfire War – BELGRADE – MOSCOW – ATHENS WATCH – Southeast Europe Theatre: Belgrade – Tehran – Moscow – Beijing – Athens – Kosovska Mitrovica/(Vienna – Brussels – Warsaw)/Pristina – Tirana – Tehran – Ankara; Islamic Wahhabi Leader Killed in Firefight with Serbian Police in South Serbia

Night Watch: NOVI PAZAR – The opening moves of the next war in the Balkans may have begun last month when Serbian security forces conducted searches for the training camps and bases of Islamic extremists of the Wahhabi branch of Islam. Weapons and equipment have been found in caves in the south Serbia region of Sandzak between Bosnia and Montenegro, which also borders the war ravaged province of Kosovo, the region’s main flashpoint.

A number of arrests have also been made, but yesterday one of the Wahhabi leaders decided not to go quitely. As Serbian police approached the house where Ismail Prentic, 28, was staying the police were met with hand grenades and machine gunfire. Prentic was killed, another man wounded and one other was arrested. [SERBIANNA]

Wahhabism is the most extreme branch of Islam and personally supported by the House of Saud, which has been operating in tandem with Tehran and Ankara in combining their efforts to defeat the West – NATO in Southeast Europe. Athens-Moscow-Beijing are also actively involved in supporting Belgrade. In November Athens signed a security agreement with Belgrade.

Tehran has made no secret of their excellent relations with every capital in the former Yugoslavia and knows fighting here will keep Brussels occupied and reduce its military presence in the Mediterranean and ruin any chance of NATO having a major impact on the most important front the Caucasus. Iran intends to use this theatre as its attempt to silence Vienna and end the UN International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA), investigation of Tehran’s nuclear weapons program. In the meantime Iran pretends to have excellent relations with Austria, which is why Tehran had a classical Iranian orchestra preform in Vienna and also sponsored an exhibit of Persian Oriental rugs. [SERBIANNA]

When the West encouraged and recognized the ludicrous and regressive division of Yugoslavia and decided to put on a military show of force, the West put itself completely out of position.

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