Crossfire War – Iran States Will Share-Export Nuclear Technology to Syria

Crossfire War – Rapid Fire News=Tehran – Gaza – Damascus WATCH – West Asia – North – Northeast Africa Theatre: Excerpts of 1981 Khomeini Letter Outlining Priority of Producing Nuclear – Laser Weaponry – Iran Ambassador to Syria States Tehran Ready to Share Nuclear Technology with Damascus – Fighting One Hour Before Gaza/Israel Ceasefire War – War Could Resume Any Minute

Night Watch: TEHRAN – NewsBlaze/Summer Azad have provided an excerpt from a significant letter written by the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini shortly after Iran was invaded by Iraq in September 1980.

Khomeini’s letter was an immediate response to what he called a “catastrophic” report by the Iran Revolutionary Guards on the limitations of Iran’s military and their inability to win any war. “In the future five years we will not have any victory. We might have a possibility to carry out destructive operations and carry out counter-offensives through apparatus which we acquire within five years. If by the end of 1986 we have 350 brigades, 2,500 tanks, 3,000 cannon, 300 battle aircraft and helicopters and then the ability to build considerable amount of laser and nuclear weaponry, which is the necessity (FOR VICTORY) in that period of time, we could say that, God willing, we’ll be able to carry out an offensive operation.” [NEWSBLAZE]

Obviously Iran was not able to accomplish all those production objectives by 1986 but what they realized, early in the 1980-88 Iran/Iraq war was the international community realized they could make more money helping Iran’s war effort than Iraq. And even more significantly the war’s end did not end the massive international investment in Iran’s war machine. As has frequently mentioned the engineering service in San Francisco was invited to Iran the day after the Gulf War ended in 1991 through its London branch office as shown on CNN.

That service constructed the military base network for Saudi Arabia during the 1980’s some of the bases being subterranean and nuclear bomb proof. A lot of Russian scientists went south at the end of the Cold War in 1990 and Reuters mentioned in 1996 Iran was involved in laser research, which Casper Weinberger, U. S. Secretary of Defense stated in 1987 laser can be used to set cities on fire and the Soviet Union was testing it somewhere in the Middle East. He did not say exactly where so I assume Afghanistan.

And what was perhaps even most important of all for Tehran’s long term military-industrial preparations, Beijing realized Iran definitely wanted to prepare for a full scale offensive war against the West to remove its influence and military presence in the region, against India in support of Pakistan and to remove Russia’s control over the resources of the Caucasus.

If Iran were successful that would weaken three of China’s international rivals so Beijing made certain North Korea continued exporting ballistic missile technology to Iran as Beijing did the same and supported Iran’s military programs the same way China supported Pakistan’s ballistic missile and nuclear weaponry. Those preparations are now complete so all that remains is for Iran’s Defense Ministry to see how reliable the guidance systems are and fortunately that is always highly questionable.

Damascus – Just as Tehran decided to export its revolutionary Islamic extremism throughout the Islamic world during the 1980-88 war it also decided to export advanced weapons systems to governments which were the most receptive to the same aims of Iran’s regional-international policy. And one of those governments was Damascus which supported Tehran during the eight year war and the cooperation and planning in their regional axis has grown. It has now become a nuclear one as Debka reports Iran Ambassador to Damascus, Sayyed Ahmed Moussavi, announced the Iranian government is prepared to share-export Iran’s “experiences with nuclear power.”

This is a continuation of the upgrading of Iran-Syria’s military-security agreements as their military industries and command structures continue to merge. A meeting between the countries defense officials has been scheduled for July 7 and Tehran-Damascus may have to do so under fire from an Israeli pre-emptive strike. An example of that was when the Israel Air Force (IAF) destroyed Syria’s nuclear weapons site last September. It had been constructed with nuclear weapons production technology from North Korea and financed by Iran. Preventing Syria from having nuclear bombs and warheads is the top priority of Israel and they are quite prepared to conduct as many pre-emptive strikes as need be even though it means war with Syria-Iran. [DEBKA]

Gaza – The ceasefire war between Israel/Gaza continues to be waged even though an agreement was unofficially signed to suspend military action. France24 reports fighting on the Israel/Gaza border was ongoing up to just one hour before the truce. Only Jerusalem turning its attention northward toward Syria can maintain the truce with Palestinian militants, not all of whom will observe the agreement. That may actually be the reason Israel’s well informed defense establishment agreed to the truce. [FRANCE24]

Willard Payne
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