Crossfire War – Iran Revolutionary Guards Begin Three Days of Wargames

Crossfire War – Tehran Watch – West Asia Theatre: Tehran – Muscat – Doha – Baghdad/London – Washington; Iran Revolutionary Guards Begin 3 Day Eqtedar (Grand) Maneuvers – Asymmetrical Warfare – 20 Brigades – 16 Provinces – Missile Test Firing

Night Watch: BANDAR ABBAS – AKI reports Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have just begun their eighth military exercise in six months and that according to local media it is due to rising fears that war with the U. S. is imminent ever since Washington increased its naval presence in the Persian Gulf as did London late last year. Iranian media also point to the Bush administration’s plan to send more troops into Iraq as part of Washington’s preparation for war with Tehran, but in reality Washington is extremely reluctant to do so since Iraq is an obvious trap. [AKI]

The decision to increase troop levels has been directed by the House of Saud as was told to Vice-President Dick Cheney when he last visited Riyadh and King Abdullah told him Saudi Arabia would support the Sunni fighters if Washington began to withdraw. Riyadh loves the Iraq trap as much as Tehran so they go into their frightened-of-Iran act from time to time in order to make certain London-Washington remain chasing the Jihad around the country. Tehran-Ankara-Riyadh know fighting is about to resume in the Balkans so they want to reduce the US/UK presence there as much as possible. Tehran of course knows war is imminent, which is what they have been preparing for ever since the end of the Iran/Iraq War 1980-88 and they knew during that conflict the international community became aware more money could be made arming Iran than Iraq.

It is significant (f)allout war will begin this year, the 20th anniversary of the Iran-Contra Scandal engineered by the fast-buck artist Reagan adminstration. Everyone knows Jihad pays well as London and other European capitals were also eager to arm the eight year war the news would often call a weapon dealers dream and that automatically made selling weapons -technology or investing in Iran’s oil industry the major priority in government-corporate decision making ever since, until now. Now the West may finally realize Tehran’s priority is not the Palestinian situation, Golan Heights, the mosque in Jerusalem or in monpolizing the salt in the Dead Sea, but in controlling the world’s energy markets and the West’s industrialized economy is Tehran’s main obstacle, therefore Tehran’s main target.

This is also the 20th anniversary of the re-starting of Iran’s nuclear weapons program and today in Vienna, Tehran’s leading nuclear deceiver Ali Larijani is meeting the European Union Foreign Policy Representative Javier Solana. I assume that by now, finally, the EU realizes it is impossible to deal their way out of war with Iran, a myth Tehran and Islamic moderates let them entertain.

Tehran has always intended to use its offensive foreign policy to destroy the West’s ability to control and manipulate events in West Asia (Middle East). If governments and establishments in the West are too much in the dark to realize that, and they might be, then it guarantees Tehran a lot of successes in the field, no matter what the Revolutionary Guards are testing. The West did not plan on World War III. [AKI]

Perhaps the reasons for the West’s dark perception is due to the crucial role they have played in setting the stage for this war, even in establishing Tehran’s current government by receiving the Ayatollah Khomeini in Paris, October 1978 and placing at his disposal communication services which enabled him to become the leader of the revolt against the Shah of Iran, who was overthrown by February 1979. The established investment societies in the West did not believe Khomeini’s influence would reach beyond Central Asia and that Moscow could easily defeat any threat from there and easily continue to advance south to the Persian Gulf through Iran, controlling more of the region’s resources through inexpensive communist labor, which would reduce the costs of the raw materials mining, refining and shipping.

In the meantime Anglo-American business establishments decided to go one step further in arming Iran beyond the Iran-Contra Scandal. They decided to construct military bases for Iran like the ones they built for Saudi Arabia in the 1980s by the engineering concern headquarted in San Francisco. CNN showed their London branch office invited to Iran the day after the Gulf War ended in February 1991, that being the real reason Saddam Hussein was not removed that year. When the bases were completed Saddam is then removed and the trap of Iraq’s occupation, an easy runnng in circles target, begins and will be under heavy attack as Tehran intends to use the new fighting in the Balkans to silence Vienna, where the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is based, that has been investigating Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

To make the international situation even worse, NATO and Warsaw Pact governments, in the early 1990s, agreed to the senseless decision to recognize the divided Yugoslavia as six independent, warring states, putting the NATO – Warsaw Pact countries completely out of position, by starting another front. The fighting has alienated Balkan people against the West, making them hate Vienna even more than Tehran does and this will enable Iran to use this theatre as its avenue of invasion into Europe.

The three day maneuvers designated Eqtedar (Grand) will be used to test short, medium and long range missiles and what Iran’s Commander of Revolutionary Guard Ground Forces Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, terms asymmetrical warfare. Attacking an enemy with both conventional and lighter more mobile units simultaneously. [IRNA]

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.