Crossfire War: Iran FM Mottaki Makes Hotline Phone Call to FM Li Zhaoxing

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH: Eurasian Theatre; Tehran – Beijing – Iran FM Mottaki Makes Hotline Phone Call to FM Li Zhaoxing – Concerns Over Interruptions in Delivery

Night Watch: TEHRAN – BEIJING – I suspect that the real nature of Iran Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki’s late Wednesday night hotline phone call to China Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing was to express his extreme conern about future nuclear and missile deliveries from China and North Korea. Beijing and Pyongyang have been shipping advanced weaponry to the Islamic world for decades.

The concern is the chances of future deliveries being intercepted by Allied countries, perhaps led by Berlin who dramatically increased its military planning with the Pentagon right after fighting increased in the Caucasus late last year. With the Caucasus being a major crossroads of energy pipelines, and with Moscow being a year away from being equipped well enough to make a major offensive response to the threat directed by Tehran, the Allies have no choice but to prevent future deliveries from the East.

Privately the Allies may acknowledge that Iran’s priorities are entirely economic. With there being no market for salt in the Dead Sea then they may know Tehran’s main target is the West and India. The threats Tehran makes toward Israel are nothing more than a publicity smokecreen. Both the West and India are obstacles to the Islamic world’s intention of being the main presence in the world economy. As long as Beijing can help guarantee the arrival of more non-conventional weaponry then Tehran will make certain all of Beijing’s energy needs will be easily met, at the expense of the West, Russia and Japan.

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Willard Payne
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