Crossfire War: Comprehensive Strategic Relations Established

Crossfire War – Eurasia Theatre: Beijing – Athens; Comprehensive Strategic Relations Established – Political – Economic – West Loses Greece

Night Watch: BEIJING – The West lost Greece when NATO proudly bombed Serbia for 78 days in 1999 and arrogantly explained civilian casualties away as “collateral damage.” Greece and Serbia have long practiced the same Orthodox ritual and they both want to see an end to the EU-NATO occupation of the divided Yugoslavia. Some Serbian representatives actually accused NATO of committing atrocities in the course of its bombing campaign.

One of the reasons I date the beginning of World War III with 1994 was due to NATO’s bombing campaign in Bosnia that year and like a lot of military powers throughout history they are eager to show what they can do and invent reasons to justify it, even have maps changed to create the crisis. An example was the recognition of the crooked boundary of Croatia, which cut off Serbia’s access to the Adriatic.

But in so doing the EU/NATO, OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) have alienated people in the region and the perspective of these international institutions became more unrealistic, fanciful. That is why they are trying to blame the arrested Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic.

Last summer mentioned that Athens – Ankara had joint military maneuvers in Kosovo. That is why I often refer to Athens as a very frank dialogue center. Beijing of course had realized Greece’s abrupt shift away from the West and toward the Middle East who, along with the rest of the Balkans, also wants to see an end to the EU/NATO occupation. There could even be Greek units who attempt to beat the Jihad to Vienna and Athens making no secret of it.

With Beijing being as least as much opposed to the West as Tehran, perhaps even more so, it is not surprising that the Premier of China’s State Council Wen Jiabao has just received Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis for a 3-day official visit. Before this year is over the world will see the extent of the military assistance Beijing has provided Athens.

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