Crossfire War – Iran FM Attends Iran – Kazakhstan 8th Joint Economic Meeting

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Central Asia Theatre: Tehran – Astana – Beijing/Moscow – Berlin – Tokyo; Iran FM Mottaki Attends 8th Iran – Kazakhstan Joint Economic Commission – Caspian Resources – Tehran Foreign Policy Priority

Night Watch: AQTAU – This is why a lot of my articles have often stated that Tehran is more concerned and impressed with controlling the resources of the Caspian Sea than they are about controlling the salt in the Dead Sea. Therefore Tehran is going to make a major effort in defeating the West and Russia, especially the West since they provide Moscow with most of its hard currency, which represents the constant needs of the West’s industry that has got to maintain easy access to raw materials all over Central Asia. It is on this front-theatre that World War III will be decided. Only when Iran realizes they cannot defeat the northern threat from Russia will Tehran then enter into serious negotiations to end the war-Jihad. Hopefully those negotiations will begin before next year is over. [IRNA]

In the meantime Iran Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has been taken on a tour of Kazakhstan’s only port, Aqtau on the country’s western coast on the Caspian. In Soviet times the raw materials here like, bauxite, chromite, copper, zinc and gold, just to name a few, were primarily designated to be shipped to the West but since the end of the Cold War and Moscow’s temporary withdrawal from the region, the monopoly the West and Russia once enjoyed has been interrupted by the Iran’s current government. Tehran’s economic priority is to have more of the resources destined for industry in China instead of Germany. That is the reason Beijing has played such an important role in Tehran’s 20 year nuclear weapons and ballistic missile production and the reason Kazakhstan’s new energy pipeline went to China.

Astana’s obvious strategic economic cooperation with Tehran-Beijing was also the reason former U.S. Secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissinger made an unscheduled visit to Astana exactly one year ago, because this is the greatest threat to the West and Russia’s supply of raw materials since the industrial revolution.

Besides attending the 8th Session of the Iran – Kazakhstan Joint Economic Commission, Mottaki met with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Foreign Minister Kasymzhomart Takayev and Speaker of Parliament Oral Muhammedcanov.

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