Crossfire War – Iran Developing Longer Range Shahab Missile – 2,500 Miles

Crossfire War – Tehran – Beijing – Minsk Watch – Eurasia Theatre: Tehran – Beijing – Minsk/Moscow – Berlin – Washington – Delhi – Rome; Israeli Intelligence – Tehran Developing New Generation of Shahab Intermediate Ballistic Missile – 2,000 – 2,500 Mile Range

Night Watch: TEHRAN – Middle East News Line reports according to Israeli intelligence Tehran is developing a new generation Shahab missile, the Shahab – 4 with a range of 2,000 – 2,500 miles (3,500 – 4,000 km), capable of hitting London and Paris. Yuval Steinitz, a former Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee stated, “The next generation of Shihab, which could hit London and Paris, would be ready by 2009.” Perhaps that is why the Allies have a heightened sense of immediacy and realize the time to confront Tehran on the battlefield is now. [MENL]

I suspect Rome would be a more likely target since Tehran noticed the importance of the Rome Conference last summer and Italy’s assumption of the role of leading Western Europe back into West Asia (Middle East). The European forces in Lebanon- UNIFIL came as a result of the conference, which has caused Tehran to not only have al-Qaeda declare UNIFIL to be an enemy of Islam but to target Rome as much as Tehran is targeting Vienna in order to end the UN investigation into Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The UN agency heading the investigation is based in Vienna.

The linked article mentioned the technological resources that are helping Tehran extend the missile’s range has come from Beijing, Pyongyang, Minsk, captial of Belarus and Moscow. Moscow’s role may be in the form of the Russian scientists that went south when the Cold War ended in 1990 and they went seeking lucrative employment. Pyongyang’s role was controlled by Beijing which definitely wants Iran and the Jihad to weaken some of Beijing’s rivals, the West-India-Russia. Belarus head of state, President Alexander Lukashenko, hates both the West and Russia, which have constantly accused him of brutally suppressing all opposition and in effect heading a police state. Lukashenko has even occassionally expelled Western diplomats. That is why, for more than a year, Tehran-Minsk have increased their relations along very strategic dimensions. Lukashenko would love to see both the West and Russia defeated. If Tehran won he could easily live with it.

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