Crossfire War – China Increases Arms Shipments to Iraq Insurgents

Crossfire War – BEIJING – Baghdad – Tehran Watch – West Asia Theatre: Beijing – Tehran – Riyadh – Damascus – Baghdad/London – Washington; China Pres. Hu Jintao Receives Iraq Pres. Jalal Talabani in Beijing – Increases Silk Road of Weapons Support to Iraq as Fighting Rages in Ba’qubah North of Baghdad

Night Watch: BEIJING – There is a perfect diplomatic ritualistic example of the Iran-China Military Axis of World War III currently being performed right now at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. China President Hu Jintao has just received Iraq President Jalal Talabani in order to sign four agreements, principally the increasing of their relations between their Foreign Ministries, in other words, military cooperation against common enemies, the occupiers of Iraq led by the United Kingdom and United States. Both Beijing and Tehran have been working in tandem since the Khomeini revolution in Iran, 1979, and especially since the end of the Iran/Iraq war in 1988. It was an extension of China’s long support of Pakistan since China also has territorial disputes with India. [XINHUA]

The Iran-China cooperation is designed to limit and weaken the West’s influence on the Eurasian continent, and its access to energy resources, which is why Beijing never supported anti-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, but orchestrated an elaborate diplomatic, highly publicized show through the Six Party Talks on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Beijing has also been, and remains the most important supplier of advanced weapons technology to Iran, its nuclear and ballistic missile programs knowing that Tehran’s foreign policy can weaken three of China’s rivals; the West-India-Russia.

Now with intense fighting raging just 40 miles (65 km) north of Baghdad, in Ba’qubah, China is increasing its foreign-military relations with Iraq. President Jalal Talabani works with the UK/US officially, to the extent he will issue some statements to the press on his government’s progress, but in unofficial reality he hates the occupation as much as the al-Qaeda militants heavily engaging the U.S. in Ba’qubah, the capital of Diyala province. These Sunni militant groups are just as close to Tehran as the Al Mahdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr, fighting the British in and around Basra. That is why the timing of Talabani’s state visit to Beijing is no coincidence, being conducted as the UK/US are confronting their heaviest combat of the war in Iraq, even heavier than the fighting to remove Saddam Hussein four years ago. Beijing is using Talabani’s visit to increase China’s military support for Iraq knowing the weaponry will find its way into the hands of Islamic groups, connected to Iraq’s military, who will arm them with the new weapon shipments from Beijing.

China has probably been supplying Islamic militant groups in Iraq as much as Iran, but London-Washington don’t dare complain, publicly, because business groups from the West invest in China so heavily. That is why U.S. President George Bush named Pyongyang a member of the “Axis of Evil” after September 2001 instead of Beijing, even though Beijing was in complete control of North Korea’s advanced weapons program and exports to Iran at the time. Tehran-Beijing-Baghdad reasons for supporting attacks against the occupation are economic, they do not want the West to be the main presence in Iraq’s oil fields. Iraq oil exports to China will increase after the occupation is over.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.