Crossfire War – 3rd Stage of Iranian Five Week Maneuvers – Anti-Air Defences

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Eurasia Theatre: Tehran – Kabul – Islamabad – Dhaka/Delhi; 3rd Stage of Zarbat-e-Zolfaqar Wargames – Defence Against Air Strikes

Night Watch: ZAHEDAN – The third stage of Iran’s five week wargames maneuvers concentrated on defense against air strikes. Brigadier General Mohammad-Hassan Dadras, ground forces commander, stated that Iranian units are capable of using the latest in technology, unmanned aircraft, to attack fighter jets and helicopters. Dadras added that their military is able to assess the weaknesses and strengths of the enemy. Though Iran intends to be the center of the Jihad’s offensive nature they do realize there may be a possibility the Allies may still be able to launch some air attacks against them. Not from the U. S. or Israel but definitely from Russia-Germany to their north from the Caucasus-Caspian front. It is that front which will determine the outcome of the war. Whoever ever wins there will direct the energy industry’s future in the region. [IRNA]

The first stage of the five week maneuvers featured special drills by 10 divisions and the second concentrated on the test firing of missiles.

In response to a question on possible sanctions imposed by the UN after the August 31 deadline General Dadras replied, “…we owe our current facilities and capabilities to past sanctions.” That was a sharp, realistic way of stating how easy it is to evade them. has reported constantly that the day after the Gulf War ended 15 years ago CNN showed the London branch office of engineering services headquarted in San Francisco invited to Iran. They used their London branch to avoid the business embargo imposed by Washington. Britain had no embargo against Iran and that’s not a decision made by some local pub owner, but by Britain’s establishment along with their American cousins. London-Washington dug their own grave with that decision. They have sold their foreign policy to Iran, which is why they blame Bin Laden for flight school training and don’t dare realize it was Tehran who conducted 9/11.

Those engineering services construct military bases, like the ones they built for Saudi Arabia, bases that were shown during the Gulf War, including underground communication command centers that were said to be nuclear bomb proof. This is why it was ridiculous to believe, as we were encouraged to believe, that Israel could easily destroy Iran’s nuclear program like they did in 1981 when they destroyed Iraq’s nuclear plant which was right out in the open, above ground and not heavily defended.

The Gulf War was conducted because Iran wanted damage done to Iraq’s military first. With such enormous corruption, on the highest level of the government’s decision making and the corporations directly connected to them, they have no choice but to engage in a lot of foreign policy, blink – tank, fantasizing. The Anglo-American lost alliance has lost its mind. And Tehran and General Dadras know it. That corruption is Tehran’s greatest weapon.

These maneuvers are the final preparation before Iran’s active massive involvement on at least two fronts, India and the Balkans. Concerning the Caucasus-Caspian I suspect Tehran has concluded they could eventually come to some satisfactory economic arrangments with Moscow-Berlin, provided, Russia’s military performance improves to the extent that it seriously threatens Iran.

Willard Payne
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