Could This Be The Plan to Divide and Conquer?

I often think about my country’s history and at my tender age of 78 years it is very difficult to watch what is happening in our nation of free people. It appears to me (not knowing more than anyone else) that this nation is under attack from a hidden enemy of tyrants seeking power to conquer or destroy this free society.

It may have started many years ago but now appears to be coming to a head. It might be called a revolution against the Constitution and the agency of a free people.

The first step is as old as time and sets out to silicify the weak and unfortunate people and addict them to the government’s handouts (the dole) to gain power over them and to enslave them to a system of continual dependency.

Why would anyone want to create slaves (black and white) of the unfortunate people to a system that can never break or be overcome?

Power would be the basic ingredient of a plan if it is real and if so they would silently dissolve the agency of a few, and would then, through constant government control, (hand outs) addict a larger number of the population (young and old).

Those who are not caught in this web of captivity are constantly bombarded with the guilt scenario about their ancestors who enslaved others and many of their offspring hide their riches in foreign banks while people suffer because of no work and they do it all for their gain and prestige.

How do they add more potential victims to this system and control?

A plan to allow illegal immigrants could be the next move and to offer them the same package as the weak and unfortunate people previously mentioned. These immigrants would be offered the same package (government dole) that would eventually enslave them to a system that they may never escape and ensure those in power gain more votes.

They would also keep pressure on those who are free believers, to change their younger generations through education, tricking them into believing freedom and free enterprise is a failed system.

With the constant technique of repetition and remorse for our forefathers’ bad deeds, a new definition of equality is set forth. This new equality tells of a way to solve our nation’s greed and prejudice and that we must redistribute the wealth because this is the answer and is true equality.

To be equal under this idea, people must lose their love for a nation of free enterprise and this would solve our disparity and inequality. The illegal immigrants are mostly those from places that our nation stole their lands in California and Texas, and forced them into Mexico, so we owe them for their misfortune.

This new political philosophy would enforce political correctness. Political correctness would be the way to change people into their (government’s) way of thinking. Even speaking English, our basic language, would become politically incorrect.

If it isn’t politically correct it isn’t right. Political correctness is the term used by this secret society which makes blood oaths and covenants to maintain their secrecy.

They meet often behind closed doors and in secret combinations. They set forth a plan (because they despise freedom) that will develop indifference in the hearts and minds of the people toward the more affluent members of their society. The message is clear to those who are affluent and they begin to take their business out of harm’s way and into other countries.

If this scenario of indifference is real then political correctness becomes the new definition for Freedom and the standard of the people, America is subverted and it has but a short time to survive.

Who will wake up?

A free people must see and correct this subversive attempt to overthrow the Government of a free nation.

Those people who may oppose political correctness believe no government can exist in peace except such laws are framed to protect four basic elements of a nation of liberty which are; freedom of speech, the right for men to exercise their conscience, and the rights of ownership and protection of their property and their lives.

Tyranny begins with the assault on these four important ingredients of a free nation. Property rights, the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion (a man’s conscience) and the right to protect what they own and their lives and families.

The Constitution of the United States must be the standard of freedom in this nation. No individual, or organization, religion, political party or foreign power has the right to change the Constitution without the consent of the people.

It would appear to this person that only the people of this nation would stand in the way of any subversive attempt to change our Constitution.

People must know first what they cherish most, the freedom to make decisions about their lives or to let a body of appointed government agents make your decisions. Those who make decisions for others will not stop at what you eat but will dictate every facet of your life.

I hope this is just conjecture and not a reality but I fear like many others it could be true.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.