Could Dale Smith II Pull-Off An Incredibly Complex Crime in One Hour?

Why are other media sources saying they don’t know where the police found Michelle Parker’s iPhone 4, with a distinguishing plaid Hurley case, when the Orlando Sentinel is saying they clearly found Michelle’s beloved iPhone at the bottom of a lake (Conway) in Belle Isle? I choose to believe the Orlando Sentinel. An important chunk of circumstantial evidence: the location of said lake at 1924 Belle Isle is on a half-way beeline between Dale Smith II’s condominium and his parent’s home.

Just to clarify, the distance between the condominium and Dale’s parent’s house (on Rose Boulevard) is nine miles. Moreover, Mr. Smith Jr. was seen at 4:30 PM (Nov. 17th) by his parents, since he was dropping off his 3-year-old twins there. But it must be stated, however, the hallowed iPhone 4 of Michelle’s could not have been dropped in the drink at this desperate time.

michelle parker iphone 4

Remember, the last ping was at 8 PM with a phony text message: WATERFORD, sent to her brother at 4:30 PM, that crucial afternoon, when some kind of dire metamorphosis takes place. Remember also, that the cell phone was powered down near an abandoned tavern, Jesse Black’s Saloon, on East Ridge Road, which is close to 1924 Belle Isle. Now the lights are coming on; the haunts of this lake-bridge, brush, and cool waters alike-is a chosen spawning spot for our culprit!

An industrious endeavor for those of us who relish indulging in recreational, amateur sloothing, is studying timelines in order to sketch the conceivability (or lack of it) of a potential suspect to have committed a heinous crime. And since the Orlando police are openly pointing the finger at Dale Smith, we must see what he did with his time on the afternoon of November 17th.

michelle parker belle isle

First of all, I wonder if he has admitted to watching the stirring episode of The People’s Court, in which he seems to maintain his composure, and lets Michelle do the mud-slinging. This came on at 2 PM. Michelle comes over at 3:30 PM to drop off the kids. A surveillance video captures her Hummer shortly before this time, so we know exactly when she arrives at Dale’s condo.

Could Smith have done all these bad things in just one hour? Don’t forget, the kids were right there the whole time. Did a huge argument break out with Michelle when she arrives that day? Did they have a row about the TV show, which just hit the airwaves, mesmerizing millions all over the globe? We suspect so, but we’ll probably never know for sure.

michelle parker purple

And when did he abandon the Hummer? Did he go back to his condo, then remove the Glow-Mobile Tanning sticker, with the diamond-studded graphic, then parks the car at an arbitrary apartment complex? How could no one have seen him do this? Did anyone see the black Hummer still at Dale’s condo after 4:30 PM? He couldn’t have gotten rid of it before he goes over to his parents, do you think?

This timeline is very tight, unless Dale’s parents maybe move the line up a tidbit, to cover for their son? The cell phone could have been discarded much later on, which would jive with why the police found it just yesterday. And did a trucker see Dale emerging from the woods (on Belle Isle) just yesterday? And then there’s the dilemma of how and when Michelle was disposed of (wanted to leave this out, but it keeps popping up)?