A Conversation With a Mainstream Muslim

I do not know how many people are really concerned with what is happening in our world these days.

I, for one, am concerned regarding many issues, one of them is the display of warlike antagonism toward religions.

Judaism was never a proselytizing religion, nor had it ever killed in its name. Judaism never tried to force-convert anyone or kill those who refused to join this faith. Throughout Judaism some 3000 years of history, however, millions of Jews were forced to convert to either Christianity or Islam, and if not, they were killed by other than Judaism bearers for not adhering to their faith, mostly Christianity and Islam.

Christianity had its bloodbath centuries – of forceful conversion and imposition of this faith – until it went through reformation.

But Islam, what is it with Islam? Islam has not reformed, and it appears to be a very bloodthirsty religion.

The Arabic word Islam, when translated into literal English, means “surrender” or “submission.”

Islam is believed to be one of the world’s youngest religions. Its origins and its dissemination’s starting point from the Middle East, as a monotheistic religion, can be traced back to the 7th century A.D – around 610 AD. The followers of this faith are known as Muslims and Muhammad is their prophet.

Since its birth Islam had been adhering to its dogma that Islam must rule the world with the sword – Dar-al-Harb, as the Muslims call it. The nature of Dar al-Harb, which literally means “territory of war,” is identified as a war, based on the premise that strife and conflict are necessary consequences of people failing to follow Islam. Dar al-Harb, the “house of war” or “dar al-Garb,” the “house of the West,” as is it referred to in later Ottoman sources as is an Islamic term, has been used for countries that are not under Islamic rule.

Islam of the sword
Islam of the sword

According to The New Encyclopedia of Islam, the dar al-harb is the territories where Islam has not prevailed or has not put its foot in. And the gist of it is that wherever Islam is not present yet, it will strive to be and if necessary, by war.

The latest Islamo-suicide bombing in Sri Lanka that resulted in the murder of some 250 Christians who were attending the Easter Holiday prayers, as well as tourists who were holidaying in Sri Lanka, and wounded hundreds more, has shaken my nerves. I had to find some solace to my troubled soul.

While writing this article, the media outlets were filled up with the initial information about a shooting in the Chabad synagogue, in Poway, near San Diego, California. The incident comes just three months after the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in which 11 Jews were murdered while immersed in praying.

It is said that incitement against Jews could be the cause of the attack on the Chabad of Poway. No matter what, incitement against anyone is a source of endangerment.

I, the writer, am a Jew.

We, Jews, have known incitement; as of recent, Hitler’s propaganda machine built its Holocaust case, in which the Hitler-German nation murdered 6 million Jews – on propaganda and incitement against Jews.

We recently also saw the terror attack on two mosques in New Zealand, cause not totally clear yet, but could be a tit for tat case or simply the result of some sort of incitement. The news is filled with Muslims murdering Christians in the Middle East or elsewhere. Who knows?

Why would Muslims take their own lives to kill some innocent people whether they are doing God’s work or simply going about their lives?

Why, in 9-11-2001, Muslim killed themselves while they piloted airplanes into the New York City World Center Twin Towers wiping out the lives of thousands of innocent people in less than two hours with consequences for years to come?

Why do Muslims target Jews particularly? Why do Muslims kill Jews whenever and wherever they can?

Why has the adhering to Islam become the talk of the hour, the day, the year in such a negative way?

house of war islam, not mainstream muslim?
House of war-Islam

Then, while Sri Lanka is trying to find healing power and it is busy investigating the root of this Islamo-trouble in its midst, I read this article: ‘Jesus was a Palestinian.’

It is clear that the Muslims will not stop until their project to erase Jewish history – and Jews -from any and all succeeds. Their hate for Jews is in their genes, in their DNA.

The identity politics-group identity new narrative paints both, Jews and white people, as inhuman oppressors and their innocent victims are non-whites and PalArabs – AKA ‘Palestinians.’

What Is Behind All This?

It is all about decimating the history of the Jews in the Middle East and an attempt to regain the land that was conquered and occupied by the Islamo-murderous Ottoman Empire. It is about Jews cannot have a history in the Middle East that goes back to the time of Jesus, before the advent of Islam.

If Jesus was a Jew, living among Jews in the land of Israel during the Roman Empire’s occupation of the land, then, Jewish ties to the land of Israel go back to [at least] Roman times, and the claims of Jews/Israel to the land are legitimized. Therefore, Jesus must be deracinated, disconnected from his Jewish roots, and the Gospels must be cut off from their Jewish core.

As is mentioned in this article, Imam Suleiman, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and other Islamists’ accusations are about much more than anti-Semitism. They are about creating a new narrative, the claim that “Jesus was a Palestinian,” is about consolidating group identity. Islamists like Rep. Omar and Imam Suleiman are all about promoting a narrative, based on group identities with a simple mantra “four legs good, two legs bad.” As a Palestinian, Jesus now holds a place with the good four-legged ones. The whites and the Jews, on the other hand, well and anyway, they are just robbers and gangsters.

Tensed as I have been, I made a phone call to a friend who happens to be a very nice person, more so, he is a religious Muslim, to ask him to give me some poignant explanations to what is going on with Islam.

The Mainstream Muslim

For the sake of his security I call him ‘My Muslim friend.’

Here is how our conversation went:

NG: “When people ask you about the massacre of the Christians, by Muslims, in Sri Lanka what do you say?”

My Muslim friend: “These dark extremists do not belong to mainstream Islam. They are a fringe, and God will punish them in the most horrific way for harming innocent worshipers in worshipping houses of whatever religion.

The oldest churches in the world were in countries that came under the control of Islam and have been for centuries. As far as I am concerned, Islam honors all religions.”

NG: “To me, I do not see Islam honors all other religions. Too much bloodshed by Islam now proves to the contrary. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the irrational Islamist who is the president of Turkey, wants to turn the historic Agia Sofia church into a mosque and Muslims destroyed ancient churches, holding valuable ancient history, in Iraqi land.

“To the contrary, in Azerbaijan, a majority Muslim country, they practice smart adherence of separating religion from state while, through education from a very early age, they teach tolerance and respectful coexistence of all ethnic groups and religions, the world should emulate.

“And what do you say to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s ongoing anti-Jew and Israel trope and the same with Rep. Rashida Tlaib who uses anti-Israel, Hamas and Iranian Mullahs’ type incitement against Israel and Jews?”

My Muslim friend: “How long have the churches in Iraq were untouched? For centuries! It is only recently, along political based extreme hatred that resulted in the destruction of churches. Still, I believe it is a fringe of Islam.”

NG: “Is Rep. Ilhan Omar a fringe extremist?

“Why we do not hear the Muslim community, in unison, condemns Omar and demand she resigns from Congress or be expelled?

“Why is it that only a few like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Dr. Qanta Ahmed do the explanation with all the media outlets, that such behavior is shaming the entire Islam religion?

If all Islam was just like the way Azerbaijan practices Islam the world would be in a much better place.”

My Muslim friend: “Ask all those Jewish leaders who showed support for her. The list is long.”

NG: “I care to know who these Jews are. I tend to think that this is a rumor. It is not true, and Rep. Omar was in fact elected with the push of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), a very anti-Israel body with tentacles spread into Washington D.C political labyrinth.

My Muslim friend: “CAIR should be called ‘Council of Arab-Palestinian Islamic Relations,’ not Council of American Islamic Relations. The ‘Palestinians’ hijacked an American Muslim civil liberties organization, for one interest and one interest only, which is to harm Israel.

Jews and the mainstream media need to know about this hijacking of the original ideology of this American Muslim civil liberties.

CAIR is now advancing. They are taking over the Democrat Party, through ‘social justice’ issues, sadly, with the help of Jewish congresspeople, refusing to see the hidden agenda till it is too late. And they have turned the victim, Israel, into the perpetrator claiming that the ‘PalArabs, AKA ‘Palestinian human rights are being violated by Israel and its political right wing government.

NG: “What kind of a Muslim you call yourself? There are the extremists, the radical, the fringe, etc., and then there are the Reformers.”

My Muslim friend: “Only one kind, mainstream Muslim. Either you promote hate, or you do not. The 99.9 percent of Muslims are mainstream, and they do not hate or promote hate.”

I would like to believe ‘My Mainstream Muslim friend,’ but the reality tells us a different story.

Terror is a source of fear and fear paralyzes society. It is a sad day when someone enters a house of worship and murders innocent people while they are worshiping God.

Is God insulted or He will seek revenge?

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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