Can We Rely on Eaglesham’s Proof, LCDR William B. Pitzer Died from Suicide?

An observation that all 9 Episodes of The Men Who Killed Kennedy? have been made readily available on YouTube is a great source of satisfaction! In particular, I was searching for Episode 6 this morning, and found it. I wanted to review the perplexing case of William Bruce Pitzer, after having read many of Allan R.J. Eaglesham’s articles, to see for myself the veracity of Dennis David’s testimony and the truthfulness of Lt. Col. Dan Marvin’s confessions of murder and mayhem.

Not that I didn’t believe the conclusions of Eaglesham (Pitzer committed suicide, not that he was murdered), but I wasn’t entirely convinced by the suicide scenario. I should mention, however, that Allan Eaglesham had initially believed in a homicide argument for Lieutenant Commander William B. Pitzer’s mysterious death, on October 29, 1966. A great deal of investigation into Pitzer’s death unpeeled the layers of mythical conspiracy (for Eaglesham), and brought him to the shores of logic.

Pitzer killed himself! The JFK conspirators didn’t do it! But why am I left with such an uneasy feeling when reviewing what Dennis David said in his appearance on The Men Who Killed Kennedy? David saw with his own eyes the 16-mm film of JFK’s autopsy and he saw the black and white photos and slides of JFK on the autopsy table. Dennis is certain JFK was shot from the front, since the back of the skull was blown out. William Bruce was convinced of this fact too.

Whatever became of this crucial evidence that proves JFK was killed as a result of a conspiracy? We don’t know. When did Pitzer lose possession of such significant photographic evidence? Or did he ever lose it at all? Eaglesham brushes on this subject in one of his papers, when (he discusses) the discovery of a reel of film in the former Pitzer house. The possibility that Pitzer had secreted away these photographs is not one that should be discarded so easily!

I can live with the strong argument that Pitzer was right-handed, not left-handed, such as was suggested by former Petty Officer Dennis David. But I have to believe David when he remembered W. B. dealing cards with his left hand. Also, favoring David, is support from eye-witnesses that Pitzer was present at JFK’s autopsy. But what I don’t understand, is why family members say he had been left-handed (in their initial statements)?

Eaglesham couldn’t back everything out of the ‘conspiracy parking lot.’ The most auspicious tidbit that Eaglesham couldn’t repudiate is what Lt. Col. Dan Marvin told the camera for Episode 6. Dan Marvin was contracted by the CIA to kill Pitzer, but eventually turned it down. Marvin is convinced that David H. Vanek took his place in a domestic contract killing.

Why did the CIA want Pitzer dead? We can go back to what Dennis David said, because he knew too much and was getting ready to go to a major TV station with a cache of evidence that would blow the lid off of JFK’s suppressed death! After all, Dennis saw the film, slides, and photos for himself, and knew that Bill was fixing to retire from the Navy and heading for a position at a major media conglomerate.

Someone didn’t want that to happen. And consider the possibility that no one would be better at making Pitzer’s death look like a suicide than this special operations squad, a unit created by the CIA to commit assassinations abroad and even in our country. And after Pitzer’s death, why did David H. Vanek completely disappear from employment records with the CIA? Dan Marvin knows what happened, and now we do too.