Brilliant Trump State of The Union: Democrats Fail Again

Today, Donald Trump gave his first State of The Union address. His speech was a celebration of American achievement over the past 12 months and a roadmap for the future.

These achievements came in the face of almost insurmountable odds. The odds could easily have derailed a lesser person. It seems that nothing derails Trump from his course to Make America Great Again.

This is what most people who voted for him and new converts to the Trump fanclub see as his main strength. He delivers on his promises and displays the famed American perseverance and ingenuity. This is how America was built, and these are the skills the left has tried to beat out of America’s youth and new arrivals.

Donald Trump’s SOTU speech was eloquent and measured. It was his chance to talk about achievements and his vision for the future. He took that chance and ran with it. He spoke about the economy, new jobs, low unemployment, and low unemployment insurance claims. He highlighted Americans coming together and talked about the nation’s challenges. He covered many things at a high level, as a State of The Union address should.

There was also sadness during the speech. President Trump introduced two families who lost their daughters when MS-13 gang members murdered them. Evelyn Rodriguez, Freddy Cuevas, Elizabeth Alvarado, and Robert Mickens received a standing ovation and the president said “320 million hearts are breaking for you.”

state of the union
Donald Trump State of the Union

He introduced Otto Warmbier’s parents, Fred and Cindy Warmbier. These Americans all overcame their grief to be present as Donald Trump asked Congress to come together to fix broken systems and work for Americans.

Trump asked for bipartisanship for Congress to work together. Given the current Democrat obstructionist strategy, that may be unlikely.

For much of the speech, democrats sat, stony faced, unmoved. They refused to acknowledge Trump’s achievements in the face of the adversity they caused. From time to time, a few democrats broke ranks and applauded the president’s words. Perhaps most were disheartened their best efforts to derail him had failed.

The democrats have been so recalcitrant that they had no hand in even one of America’s latest achievements. It must be all the more galling for them that Trump and Americans have succeeded so spectacularly.

A few democrats may be lamenting their leadership’s failed strategy of opposing everything Trump does or says. It means they can’t point to a single achievement and say they had a hand in it.

Alan Gray
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