Bailout Battle Could Cause Market Fallout, Take Cover, Will Roberts says

Today I was about town, stopped off at a Starbucks, went to a camera shop, went to the bank, yes the bank. Lucky the tellers behind the desk where they take the money don’t run the banks, they just make sure the money flows through.

You probably wont ever see them losing their jobs. Most likely because I don’t see the bank big boys letting folks go to the front desk, where they actually do the work. Cause that would mean that the bankers would have to collect the money themselves.

This would not work for two reasons, 1. I never seen a banker who worked with the money (Hands on) just workin folks for the money they have. And 2. The minute they lay their hands on the money they could be considered part of the crime of banking.

These birds stay as far away from the money as they can. They are just the pushers, push the money here, and push it there, oh and TAKE the money out of your pocket.

Anyhow, the bank today like every other day was as happy as can be. However, I noticed that folks in the banks looked stressed; they looked like they just walked down a dark alley and was not sure they were going to make it out alive.

The same thing happened at the other places I went. People just looked like they just are not sure if things are going to swing main streets way. I heard two gentlemen that were talking about how it is not possible for this thing to work out in our favor. They were talking about how this number does not work with that number and that how we can trust one person with all our money. They sounded like economist, of course it seems to me anyone that can balance a check book and has a certain flair for gambling or fortune telling could be an economist.

I think folks are stunned just like when we have had OTHER national disasters. They are cocking their heads and wondering if this is really happening to us, do I need to be worried about my job, should I start thinking about my own exit strategy? How is Canada in the winter?

If you want to invest in some good real estate investments, try Canada, Germany, or Ireland right before the November elections. Unless you are not that much of a gambler, then wait until after November 4th. Folks are starting to be very concerned and for good reasons.

So, I have decided to throw out a plan and it is free and because it is FREE I take no responsibility if it fails. It is only when you pay that you are expecting a return on your investment . . .

Plan: This might be the best time to follow your dream(s), considering we are in the middle of a nightmare. Think back when you were a kid and you wanted to be a movie star or a firemen, or PRESIDENT. Something about being put into the worst case scenario that makes us humans comes out on top. You will notice that when folks are faced with life threatening illnesses. That is when they figure out how to live life.

I don’t want to sound like a fortune cookie or a palm reader. I just want you folks to know that I… I think this might be the best time to believe in ourselves and to try to reach for whatever it is you want. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself!” What is the worst that could happen, we go broke? . . . Too late.

Your friend . . . Will

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