As Closing Arguments begin, the FOG is Only THICKENING!

Closing arguments begin today. I was hoping the fog would start to lift, but instead it’s thicker than molasses, such as it is in John Carpenter’s movie by the same name. And if you have a copy of Music for Films, by Brian Eno, you may want to get it out and play it before the arguments fire away. The ambience is X marks the spot!

I’m still stuck in the endless loop of the Private Investigators’ video searching for the remains in the (by this time) enchanted woods of Suburban Drive, only one month prior to the ‘official discovery’ by Roy Kronk. Were Dominic Casey and Jim Hoover taking their orders from the psychic (Ginette Lucas) or from Cindy Anthony?

And what reason would Cindy have to lie about her role in the PIs’ fairly accurate search of these accursed woods? Was there inside information possibly leaked out of the jail, and prodding these people on the right track? And how did our psychic know about the highly significant, three white paver stones?

casey anthony as a baby

Is there a connection between the Private Investigators and meter reader Roy Kronk? Why did they search the mystical wooded area approximately at the same time and place? Were these searches independent or did they come from the same source?

It has been suggested that an Orange County officer of some sort may have overheard Casey talking to Jose Baez about the damned spot, then tipped off others about the location. This is, of course, illegal, and so a conspiracy may have been forged to get an independent party, a loose goose seeking fame or fortune, to suddenly find the remains. Enter into the picture one Roy Kronk.

With this theory in mind, this would explain why a police officer didn’t want to particularly find the skull, when he met with Roy on August 13th, 2008. Why? Because this would implicate the officer in using illegal information to find the body. Instead the officer chastises Roy for causing him to slip in the muck. A deflection from a predicament.

Indeed, the officer (I’ve heard the name Richard Cane bandied about) was disassociating himself from some muck he was already privy to, if you get my drift? But Roy can’t pry himself loose from the thick mud. Did he call his son in November of ’08 and say he would soon be famous? It seems as if he did. Everyone knew where the remains were already. But they needed a patsy to make it look official.

For reasons unknown, Roy decides to take the stage on December 11, 2008 and find a missing Caylee. His job as a paltry meter reader wasn’t good enough. But like Lee before him, did he realize he was being set up for a fall? Since he tampered with the evidence, it’s impossible to state the remains were in a pristine condition, when CSI did their thing.

The biggest problem is the grey vinyl pool cover was near the remains in August, but moves a few hundred yards on December 11th. The mystery of the grey vinyl pool cover moving is enough of a problem (for me) to suspect Roy may have moved the remains. HLN reporters (who were snooping around the enchanted woods) recognized this item as a grey umbrella. I wonder about this parallel too?

Finally, I’m puzzled by a video of the child Casey, at a birthday party. Tot Mom looks somewhat mischievous, even at six-years-old. The pointed ears are the giveaway. Perhaps some are born this way, you know, predisposed to evil.

Or maybe they become possessed with a demon, such as Linda Blair in The Exorcist? Or maybe I watch too many movies and read too many Stephen King novels, such as Pet Sematary?