Arizona Shooting: Whose Fault is It?

Arizona Shooting: Not making much cents today, cause were emotionally spent!

Well now, all I know is what little I read on the Internet and today it seems no matter where you go, it all reads the same way: Arizona Shooter, whose fault, your fault, his fault, San Andreas Fault fault?

It is pretty much all that the media can mutter, is CLUTTER!

Media folks are not much smarter than the dumbest dog in the pack; throw them a bone, they fetch the bone, bury the bone, dig up the bone.

Some things are hard wired in, second nature, know what I mean? Try to take that news story, (bone) away from them and you will see even the smallest of dogs react like Cujo. Ok, that’s it… If I keep going on about the media in this negative way, well, I might as well join that pack ah pooches.


Now that is all the attention am going to give this story right now as we wish it would not have reared it’s ugly face to us to begin with. I need to lighten the country’s mode – you know, send in the clowns in this media circus,

I need something that does not need a lot of brain cells to process…ENTER, Snooki! I see where she came out with a new book called “A Shore Thing.” Now don’t think for one minute that this is a book review, or an endorsement. Of course, just the fact that I mention this book and I am syndicated across the newswire may make folks jump on line and buy this book. If this happens, Snooki, I want a percentage of those sales. I hear it is a pretty easy read, must be all the four letter words.

Of course I can’t blame her, after all, FAME is a four letter word as well.

Now, for those of you who don’t know who Snooki is, well you might have been living in a cave. She is on the biggest and most watched reality TV show MTV has ever had. Now that is all I know about the show and that was a forced read.

The sad fact is that this show, like many others, depends very little on talent and mostly on dysfunction. I can also tell you it is cheaper these days to find troubled youth (reality)? than it is to find desperate actors. I have also known enough people that have worked on the TV to tell you that if the show is not going the way they want it to, they will stoke up the scene to escalate it to a threat level RED. Because that is what sells tickets.

Oh boy, look at that, I was trying to stay away from the negative media and I went to it, Snooki, and became it.

Well, I’m going to go now, maybe save a cat in a tree, or walk a little old lady across a road; wait to see if she takes it wrong… Darn there I go; see you folks.

Your friend,

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