Are Your Shoes All Scuffed Up?

How many mothers make sure their children wear the correct size shoes and modern style? They go to great lengths in instructing them not to scruff their new shoes or else there will be all hell to pay. Of course, the first day on, they go to school and come home with their shoes all scuffed up.

This leads to many shouting bouts, much anxiety and lots of aggravation for the devoted mum…..Low and behold, before-you-know-it, the little scamps have grown out of their shoes and they have to be discarded and thrown in the garbage (the shoes, not the kids).

In life, we will eventually be discarded everything we hold onto and safeguard. Even our bodies, no matter how well we look after them, will turn into dust and even the dust will fade into nothingness. So why get all hot and bothered about anything that has a temporal nature …Yes, I can hear you say…its all-right for him to say that, but he does not have my worries.

I doubt if there is one person on earth who does not have to face daily challenges to their sanity and well-being. It is not the devastations and worries we need to deal with…it is how we deal with our own perspectives and viewpoints that makes all the difference. And that can never be found in the main stream intellectual reasoning of any human being…for to reason away one crisis, and treat it with medication or surgery, will only bring about another unexpected desperate episode that stumps the wicket keeper.

The only way to keep playing the game and enjoying the results is to go out into the world and get your shoes all scuffed up. In other words, enjoy your life and when the wrinkles start to appear on your face, make sure they are laughter lines and don’t let cosmetic surgery cover up your happiness.

Keep your mind and body healthy by recognizing the person you are, before your personality and ego fashioned itself…Then act out your role-plays on earth with the guidance of the universal wizard that exists behind the easily provoked, personality masquerade. Enjoy your kids growing-up…Enjoy their wedding day… Enjoy your retirement and before you know it, you will be six feet under enjoying turning to dust….I guess even then, some anxious souls will be still be worrying and fussing….trying to clean-up the dust in their coffin?