Anti-American Sentiments of Indian Politicians and the Nuclear-Deal

By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

It is a known fact all over that India is lagging far behind in eradicating poverty and in other resources required for sustainable stability and development for guaranteed peace and justice for all.

As a remedy in this direction, the Nuclear-deal is assessed as the best and very beneficial for the purpose.

Of the Politicians who oppose, almost wish that their near and dear ones should get settled in the U.S as a first option and in case of failing in the attempt, in any other western country, with or without any choice.

The politicians are expressing on one side, Anti-American Sentiments and hatred on the question the Nuclear-deal and in the same breath they want to go to the U.S. and other countries as a source of dollars to run their nefarious political activities. They seenm to be favoring countries who have no favorable attitude for India.

These politicians always boast and feel proud that their sons, or family are settled and trained in the US etc and visited or returned from western countries.

It is not difficult to trace and listed the people settled, trained, visited and returned from US and other counties to know their real intentions and the forces working behind them.

One Non-Resident Indian is pained to mention in his comments, “I feel like not going back to India because of the communist infestation of my state. CPM is the richest entity in India, other than the huge business tycoons. CPM leaders, especially in Kerala, are believed to have huge Swiss bank accounts, and the current CPM government is the most corrupted of all so far. Ironically, the average education of the current Kerala ministers is a whopping 4th grade!!! – In a state that prides to have the highest education level in India – shame!!!-James USA on 17 July 2008.”

The Anti-American Sentiments and hatred are nothing but the double standards of morality (or Immorality) of Indian politicians to mislead their own countrymen for the reasons of their selfish behavior and greed and that is no way in the national interest and people of India.

Would the politicians airing their sentiments against America and the Nuclear-deal advise all Non-Resident Indians including their sons and family, to leave the USA and other western countries immediately or have they been sent there for some ulterior motive yet to be achieved?