An Axiom of American Education

A doctor made arrangements to take his wife to a play at the local theater. It was to be a lovely evening and a celebration of their wedding anniversary. The play started at 7:00 p.m. and would finish about 9:00 p.m.

He was late picking his wife up from home because of a hospital call in the late afternoon. When they finally got to the theater it was 7:30 p.m. and hurried to their seats.

They just got comfortable when the Doctor got and emergency phone call. He was needed at the hospital again it was another emergency. He left his wife and hurried to the hospital and it took one hour of his time. He hurried back to the theater and went to his seat just in time for the play to close or End.

This can be an analogy of most of our lives. We are born and spend thirty years growing up, being educated, and preparing for our future life’s work. The next 35 years raising children, working, and preparing for retirement.

The last 30 years living and waiting for the end to approach. I realize not everyone will live to be 90 and the numbers may not match every person’s life or style of living life but we can see where the major amount of time is spent.

This could be an axiom of the American education process.

People in education and politics understand this very simple analogy of a person’s life and they work hard at making sure of several things. The first thirty years are the education years of life. This prepares people to live and what they value and is important to them.

Educators or those who develop educational programs do everything they can to subject learners to certain types of ideas and present them as facts. They have a great capacity do educate in ways that can influence people at various age levels.

Our Government’s are in charge of Education in this nation. Either Federal government or local State government of the states undertakes control of education. They then determine what is taught,(curriculum)and who teaches the various subjects.

If these governments, Federal or State, determine what is taught then what input do the citizens have to what is being taught? The tighter hold government gets on education the harder it becomes for local people or PTAs or school boards, to have a say as to what the curriculums teach and what books are being used to teach.

After the basic education is completed, 1 thru 12 and it comes time for college which now is mostly funded by the Government. A student usually applies for a government grant or loan or maybe works their way through school.

When this education process is final, if the person doesn’t go to graduate school they may find a job at McDonalds if they have a Bachelor’s Degree in liberal Education.

They are heavily in debt, unless they have a financial supporter, and they will spend many years trying to pay off this debt unless a politician agrees to have it cleaned or disappear. This is how so many people become indebted to a party affiliation.

Those who are in control of Education know exactly what is happening to our youth within this scenario of education. They have planned this whole process to make sure people become what they want them to become.

The more puppets they create the more strings they can pull to get the results they desire.

After graduation is complete life can be a struggle with raising children and the price required to just live becomes a burden.

Taxes are high and gas is sky rocketed to a point one either rides a bike or walks to work. Food costs escalate every week and just the normal staples of life become a financial burden.

We like the Doctor have arrived at the theater but now we just need to work and run just to keep up with life. We are so busy who has time for PTA or political problems or state curriculums we just work to stay alive and hope everything works out in the end.

Then one day we are 65 and we want to retire but the age to retire is now 70 and we have lost our job because new younger people are coming into this society. We struggle to make it to retirement but spend most of our savings the past five years just to keep afloat.

SSI has been reduced in size and now you have to sell everything just to live until you die, or just so you can live. Health insurance or Obama-care is 1/3 of your income and you aren’t even ill or never get any serious illness.

Now at 70 and ready to enjoy life, we like the Doctor want to go home and rest; we have arrived back at the theater but the play is over and what was it all about. You and your wife slip into the abyss of old age and then into another existence.

Who had time to watch the government and what they were doing? Does this sound like an American Family or what is left of the American Family? We just realize we are not free nor are we able to remain free because of how men have destroyed our government and controlled us the people, just so they can enjoy their lives at our expense….

Maybe we should take time to see what is happening now, before our last 30 years. I know because that is where I live now, in those last 30 years and I have 20-20 vision of what has happened and is now happening in America.

I have endured my education then saw my children be educated then my grand children and now my great grand children. Four generations of educations and all differ in degree of what was or is being taught. From conservative straight honest ideas to a liberal postulating ideas and attitudes.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.