Americans may not be able to afford a New Year, so we will take a New USED Year

I kinda like to pride myself on the fact that I can say that my writing style follows the great Humorist Will Rogers, grammatical errors and all. I don’t claim to be a writer, just a talker who knows how to type, with two fingers.

He used to say “All I know is what I read in the NEWSPAPER.” And I say “All I know is what I read on the INTERNET.” you know, I’m keeping up with the times and technology. However, right now it is getting to the point where I don’t need the Internet, the newspaper or any other form of media to get the plain truth.

Here is how I might be starting out my comments in the near distant future . . . like now!

“All I know is what I read on American faces!” And today I read hope with a little sadness mixed in with some confusion in my fellow Americans. Now more than ever our faces read like an open book. It could be because this is the start of our holiday season. The only thing is that most of us are so stressed out about everyday life, that adding Holly to this time (Holi-day), only makes our stress look more Christmasy.

Now this is the season of giving, although I bet most Americans would rather it was renamed to be the season of receiving. I don’t mean that to wreck the idea of Christmas, just to change the focus a little and take the pressure off the giving part.

Maybe with the way things are we might consider renaming New Years Eve to New USED Year, because that is all we can afford. And if Americans buy into this change we will ask to pay for it all up front. NO credit, just CASH.

Normally the way that the Xmas season works is we spend too much money (Credit) and we eat too much. These are some of the struggles in this decadent time of year. Right now we just can’t pay for this season. On a good note, this lack of everything in our country might get us achieving our holiday season goals . . . EARLY; spend less and eat less, we will slim our wallets and tighten our belts, NOT by choice.

It is hard to eat when you hold your breathe and that is just what Americans are doing right now. At least until one President moves in and the other moves out. January 20th, 2009 may not only be the day we get a breath of fresh air, but a day we exhale after holding our breath for the past eight years.

I am not sure this season will be to jolly if we don’t take a different look at it. We have to cock our heads and squint our eyes to see the joy during these times. It does not help that we start the holidays with a day called “Black Friday” and the starting bell of that day was the ring of an ambulance arriving at the scene of a Walmart on the east coast where an employee was killed by folks who trampled him as he opened the doors. Also, here in California we had a shooting at a Toys R’ Us and two people died. If this is the way things are going to be, we might just want to do our shopping online and write on the packages “Don’t open until Xmas 2009!”

Folks we need to find gifts in being a country this year and look forward to this present we have been waiting to open called . . . CHANGE. If our kids can believe in Santa in a time where even he is considering getting his toys from China, then we can surely have faith in change. That is the best gift that we all could give each other, faith in our country and its people. I know this sounds “Corny” but it would cost nothing and that is what we want to pay right now. Times might get tougher and support is what we need. So, this Xmas season, say hello, or Merry Xmas, or whatever you say for the holiday you celebrate. Keep the spirit flowing as long as it is a cheerful one.

If you are reading this and saying Humbug or some other words that don’t fix this season, stay indoors because we don’t want to hear it until after New Years Day.

Your friend,


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