Am I My Brothers Keeper?

Am I my brother’s keeper? Those words come from the Bible and have been repeated more times than one can imagine. This Nation we live in is having problems understanding this whole keeper psychology. To keep or maintain is a great burden for anyone to take upon themselves. To watch over and help one another is also quite a responsibility for one to obtain or have given to them. It appears this nation is struggling with the attitude of helping ones neighbor. How far do we go in helping our neighbors? Well the first thing we need to do is quit trying to decide who is our neighbor and how far do we go in helping. For this to happen we need to lift our levels of judgments.

The guy next door hasn’t worked for two years and is on welfare. Some automatically decide he is worthless and is using the government to pay his bills and live off the government. Much of our society is very aware of status symbols and how they appear to others. Fine cars, jewelry, the in line of clothing, or shoes or purses seem to make the person. They associate success with money and not with being just another person. Is it important for us to judge one another? Every person has to make judgments and we do it every day. The guy standing along the highway with a sign will work for food. This creates two types of reactions. One he is just a beggar wanting money and we blow if off. The other says he needs help so the empathic person wants to help.

We have a corner like just described in our community. How can I make the right judgment for these types of people? Well I decided to talk to the police not to complain but to discover how hard up these people really ARE. My discussion revealed some important information I needed to know. Most of them go about this type of soliciting because they don’t want to work. This becomes a way of life just like a job. If you want to help people try donating money to relief funds set up by police or city officials to help the really poor in need. My wife and

I give to our church which helps those in need regularly.

Keep your ears open and eyes on the horizon because those in needs always are seen, heard or become available. Last week the day after Christmas we heard of a family whose house burned down. Now there is a person in need. Just wait patiently and the opportunity will come your way. Sometime you might wonder who to help and where, if you want to help make sure you priest, minister or clergy know of you desire and they will know someone. Keep the donation of, money, food or clothing nameless. Then you can receive blessing when you or loved ones come in need. We all suffer different types of needs. Some may show but others we never know about. When you see a person you believe needs help, help them. We never know sometimes, if our help was needed but we responded to our enter self and that is what is necessary. Who is my brother? Everyone not just blood relatives but everyone one.

Americans are the most giving people in this whole world. God bless those who do keep their brothers and sisters needs important and really do help.

No one can harm the man who harms not himself.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.