Alleged Villain Joran Van Der Sloot Finally Arrested?

Joran Van Der Sloot has finally been arrested just a few minutes ago. Two lovely young women dead. Natalie Holloway and Stephany Flores Ramirez. Tragic doesn’t even begin to cover the dark emotions and grief that the deaths of these two women provoke.

Because we live in a country where one can be assumed innocent until proven guilty, I can’t say that Joran Van Der Sloot is definitely guilty until trial and a court of law decides yea or nay.

But I hope so.


He may be innocent until proven guilty, but odds are not in his favor. It’s an unusual ‘coincidence’ for two young women to be killed while in his company, or within the time frame of his company. It’s amazing how many of us live our whole lives without seeing one murder, much less two.

There are rumors that he committed suicide, but undisclosed news sources say this is false, and that he was definitely arrested about half an hour ago. While it’s easy to believe media hype, and we have to be realistic, I know that many of us feel the same way.

If, and it does seem likely, ‘if’ Joran Van Der Sloot killed these two young women, then we want to see justice. Suicide would not be justice as he maintains control of himself to the end. I think there’s not much scarier in this world than for a felon like Van Der Sloot may turn out to be, to get the justice of being some bigger guy’s girlfriend in a maximum security prison.

To the parents, friends, siblings and family of both of these young women, my prayers go out to you, and I know that many other readers feel the same way. It is my hope that justice will be served, and you will finally have time to grieve and blessed peace.

And, please God, don’t let this turn into another OJ trial, where the likely murderer gets off scot-free.