Abraham Lincoln was Gay?

Mainstream or Skeptic?

I saw this interview with a “historian” who claims that Abraham Lincoln was gay.

I started to think about all the subjects that are being refuted these days, issues that were logically based like Global Warming, and Darwinism, are now under attack.

With that being said, I can honestly say, I didn’t expect Lincoln’s sexuality to be called into question.

I guess I’m wondering, if in this day and age, if I’m a skeptic or mainstream?

I believe that human consumption and output is having an effect on the World’s climate. I don’t know precisely how much or to what degree, but I feel strongly that it is very logical that our presence on this planet has consequences.


I also still believe in Darwin’s Origin of Species, and believe his basic framework was revolutionary and brilliant. I still believe Darwin fits into Gods plan. Although, our current climate in America may find that to be hypocritical. Which seems sad.

I also believe that Abraham Lincoln was straight. You know why? Because nobody can keep a secret for that long. I don’t care if he was playing hide the salami with his neighbor, even during that period of time, somebody would have written a memoir, or gave a death bed confession, saying they were Lincoln’s lover.

But this is my point with all the above examples, is Global Climate Change really a big secret? A secret being kept by the world’s scholars? To do what? Make us buy a prius? Or make us stop using oil? There are more than 2500 world scientists in 15 different languages, which are hiding the truth about Global Climate Change? It doesn’t add up.

Now were just finding out that Darwin was wrong? That the scientists of the world knew it, and still know it, but are abiding by its principles to discredit God? Many ID advocates think if they discredit Darwin, they can get God back into the schools. Does that sound like science? Sounds like they are working backward to get what they want. But I admit to not be an expert on the theory.

What I do know about intelligent design is that it states the world is less than 10,000 years old, for me that’s a deal breaker. Saying that carbon dating is flawed is one thing, but it doesn’t prove anything. Proving the planet is 10000 years old, in more than one way, proves the ID theory, not the disapproval of a common theory, like carbon dating. With the ID theory being so weak, in my opinion, and Darwin’s theory so plausible, it still doesn’t shake my faith in God.

Isn’t that the point of faith?

In today’s world, would I be considered a skeptic, or am I mainstream? My Dad would say I am Liberal, I guess I am if Climate Change and Darwin are qualifiers, but I will tell you one thing, I don’t believe Lincoln was gay.

Not that there is anything wrong with that!

You decide.

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