A Letter To Not So Dear World

Sometimes people want to tell the world something, so they write a “Dear World” letter. There are times when the frustration is very raw because the world is not so dear at all.

To the “not so dear world,”

Israel has just gone through an unprecedented massacre. We all saw the scale of the barbarism and atrocious murderous acts because the perpetrators recorded their actions on their smartphones and published them for the world to see. The atrocities we watched, with trepidation, were even worse than the images of the Nazis’ atrocities perpetrated on 6-million innocent Jews during the Holocaust.

I am a Jew.

I have learned our history, the Jewish nation’s history.

And I remember its details well.

Though the world tends to have no interest in Jewish history, more so, to remember the times it so badly treated and harmed us, I, and many other Jews, do not forget the order of events.

As the eternal nation, the nation that brought civility to a dark world, the Jewish people have a very long, stretched memory.

Do you remember the Roman Empire from your history studies? Jews remember. We remember well the savagery the Romans perpetrated in our homeland.

The Romans conquered our land of Judea with their superior armies. And along with flaunting and jubilating their idolatrous civilization, they destroyed our towns, massacred our people and ripped them from their homeland. They exiled Jews to the four corners of the world.

The Jewish people lost the land that was gifted to us by God and on which we stood firmly for hundreds of years. It was a land from where we spread civilization’s foundation, the Ten Commandments, which we received from God in order to be a light unto humanity.

For two thousand years we, Jews, were separated from our Land of Israel, the Holy Land. Our nation, the Jewish people, wherever they found temporary refuge, could not stop the mental bleeding, the longing to return home.

Every Passover, the festival that represents freedom, we commemorate the Israelites taken, with the guidance of God, out of bondage in Egypt to freedom in the Land of Israel, the meaningful celebratory evening always, then and now, ends with: “Next Year In Jerusalem.”

We, the Jewish people, had our many Nakbas!

Perhaps the Arabs who live in Israel who call, with malice, the establishment of the 3rd Jewish commonwealth in the land of Israel – the State of Israel – the “Nakba,” meaning the catastrophe, can understand if we use the same term.

Our Nakbas, the Jewish people’s Nakbas, have accompanied us for over 2000 years. Each generation either was going through one “Nakba” or were mourning and commemorating the previous one.

What kept the Jewish people going is HOPE.

And we, Jews, remember how the Crusaders, your military expeditions undertaken by Christian powers in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries, ravaged our land in order to win the Holy Land from the Muslims who invaded it. This religion, as the Crusaders knew it, was accompanied in bloody battles to the death for souls that if not saved would be forever lost.

Hungry for the Jews’ homeland and thirsty for Jewish blood, these “good” Christians tore through the local Jewish communities with swords and fire of destruction.

The world was jealous of us, the Jews, and our adherence to our faith. You admired your religious dogmas, which our faith tormented and enraged so you took destructive measures against us.

And thus, in Spain, you subjected us to the auto-da-fe – the burning of a heretic by the Spanish Inquisition; or in Muslim territory you subjected us to Islamic dhimmitude, the status of non-Muslim under Muslim rule.

We, Jews, have not forgotten how your world, great empires, at will, persecuted, expelled, tortured, raped, pillaged, and affronted us.

Each time you harmed us, Jews, to justify your immorality and lack of conscience, in turn you blamed us for your ill deeds.

When we, Jews, were poor, we were grime to you. When we were successful, your jealousy turned into antisemitism. What bothered you even more was that we, Jews, kept to ourselves, adhered to our faith, and we differed from you.

And if we tried to fit in, you were bothered that we were upraised above you.

Your kingdoms and empires expired and were replaced with newfound philosophies such as socialism, Communism and Nazism. All these were accompanied with the hate of the Jew.

You sarcastically used the anti-Semitic slogan “Jew, go to Palestine,” so you could be rid of us living among you. And when Jews finally returned to what the British authorities named the land “the Mandate for Palestine” you so very often took to your Judenrein [clean of Jews] city streets chanting with malice, “Jew, get out of Palestine.” You used the name “Palestine” to erase the real name “the land of Israel,” targeting the Jew as the eternal homelandless.

Prior to October 7, 2023, our most recent devastating memory of what the world did to us, Jews, is also the most painful one: the Holocaust.

During the years when the Nazis systematically murdered the Jews of Europe the world did its usual thing. You turned your back on us. You did not spare one single bomb to bomb the railways of Europe and thus disrupt the trains unremittingly taking Jews to their death in Nazi death camps. The world did not even think to give the Jews a reprieve they needed when their spirit was almost utterly broken.

After that war was over, after endless beseeching and imploring, you finally “allowed” the Jews return to their homeland.

But you begrudgingly granted the Jews a small slice of land far less than the size of the Promised Land that God gifted us.

And when the Jews finally started rebuilding their homeland from scratch, you played the fair-weather friend.

You are still doing it now.

You use the state of Israel as a pawn in your geopolitical conflicts; as an ally only so long as it serves your purposes.

Your support, financial and otherwise, comes with conditional strings attached that seem like a chain around Israel’s neck. Our survival always seems to hang on by its fingernails.

You invalidated the strength of the Jews building their homeland by leaving them faced by the much larger Arab nations that wanted to destroy the new state. You came up with delegitimizing claims that the Jews are “human rights violators,” “land occupiers,” “colonists” and even “racists.”

The late righteous Rabbi Meir Kahane once said: “The Jew is upset because the nations of the world – the United Nations – lash him, brand him as racist and evil, hate him and openly demonstrate their desire to destroy him.”

Could it be that the world only wants to see weak and defenseless Jews?

On October 7, 2023, the Jewish people woke up to an Arab-Nazi-Hamas murderous terror spree.

Your sympathy for the Jewish state Israel was in play for just a few days, and the Jews relished that. Because Jews are accustomed to accepting any bit of kindness and affinity thrown their way. It is in our genes.

But the sympathy didn’t last long. The massacred bodies were barely cold, and Australia’s Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, called for “restraint.” China, Russia and middle-eastern countries also soon called for “restraint.” The Jews must be restrained from defending themselves; their enemies, go for it, wipe-out the Jews.

That’s enough Israel, you’ve responded, so stop now. Wait for the next time for larger scale carnage.

So now we see the same ancient pressure, the same political yoke the world always ties around Israel’s neck.

Norwegian student, Marie Andersen in Warsaw, interviewed by NexaTV. Unknown photographer on twitter.
Norwegian student, Marie Andersen in Warsaw, interviewed by NexaTV. Unknown photographer on twitter.

And “dear world,” we hear you loud and clear.

You didn’t say everything out loud, but in a veiled way. You think you’d be better of without us – again; you called to clear the world of Jews – again.

We hear your statements. We hear your politicking. There is an undertone that says Israel has no right to exist. Who are you to make such a claim?

We, Jews, see your violent protests against our very existence from near and far.

Why are your protests so violent? Are your lives threatened by Jews defending themselves from terrorists?

And as usual, we hear the immediate calls for restraint, to pity the terror perpetrators and their human shields, the citizens of Gaza. As if they are innocent, which they are not. All this is thrown at us while Jews in the land of Israel are fighting for their survival.

And next come the human-rights fakers. They could care less about the brutality of the Hamas gruesome mass murders; they foam at the mouth while accusing the Jews of genocide in Gaza. How dare you!?

So let the Jew tell you something, “dear world.” Jewish blood is no longer cheap. Jewish blood will not again polish your halos.

You funded the Hamas monsters.

The EU, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia governments all funded Iran and its Hamas proxy.

The reason Hamas have amassive labyrinth city of underground tunnels is the money and goods you have been sending to them. The reason Hamas have thousands of rockets aiming at Israel is the result of your money you have been sending to them.

Hamas used the money you, world, intended to uplift the “The Palestinians” living standard. They built unprecedented hundreds of kilometers of underground city tunnels for warfare. They did not build homes and infrastructure to uplift the the lives of the Gaza residents living on the surface above the tunnels. The Hamas terrorists bought and manufactured rockets, not food. They amassed weapons, they did not create businesses.

The reason Hezbollah, another Iran proxy, has hundreds of thousands of rockets in Lebanon pointing at Israel is the money you, world, have been sending to Iran.

The war Israel declared on Hamas to eradicate these satanic monsters from the world is a holy war, the kind of “holy war” you conducted over the centuries and from which the Jews often suffered the most.

Now you are watching a war to preserve the Jewish nation in the land of Israel that the new Nazis – Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran – declared on the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

A Letter To Not So Dear World 1
IDF soldiers cleared a portion of Gaza of the monster Hamas, are raising the state of Israel flag in liberated from Hamas Gaza – Screenshot
A Letter To Not So Dear World 2
IDF soldiers just cleaned a part of Gaza from monsters Hamas, raising the state of Israel flag in liberated from Hamas Gaza – Screenshot

The Jewish nation was born to peace. We don’t want this war. But if we don’t stop Hamas now, next time may be too late.

Jews no longer need the world to use the cliché that they have the “right” to defend themselves. We, Jews, know we have this inalienable right, just like anyone else.

We don’t need your weak words, “dear world,” because our Bible, and our scriptures are our wise guideline. The Book of Numbers chapter 23, sentence 9 clearly tells the Jewish people: “A people alone will dwell and the nations will not be considered.”

The Jewish people in the land of Israel have finally figured it out; they are on their own to lead this response to what could be considered as the ultimate crimes against humanity. The entire Jewish nation deeply entrusted God and their faith. They are all together to achieve victory over evil and the eventual redemption.

“Dear world,” this time around, we, Jews, do not care if you condemn us, because we have our backs to the precipice. You cannot once more bind us to your immorality, no matter what you say, no matter what you think of us. We have a job to accomplish, it is called survival, the survival of the eternal nation of Israel.

Hamas took control over Gaza in 2007. The world’s governments all know well that Hamas uses Gaza civilians as human shields. Hamas hides behind civilians to perpetrate terror.

But no government around the world ever says a word about it until Hamas forces Israel to respond to its attacks. And then those governments suddenly wake up and show a temporary, infinitesimal care, mostly lip service, about those oppressed civilians.

But they only ask Israel for “restraint.” They never ask anything of Hamas or Iran that funds them.

But no stringent actions to stop Hamas from using them as human shields. So that shows how much the world’s governments really care. In fact they do not care.

With patience, the people of the world may realize that perhaps the Jewish nation has fought for your survival from global Islamo-terror infestation too.

This time around we don’t care what the world thinks of us, nor what the world has to say. The world may hate the Jews, but we, the Jewish nation will prevail. This time, there is no other option.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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