A Hole in the Dam of Justice

I haven’t said much about the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriages, but it bothers me. The reason to me is very clear, as is the reason I have remained silent. For the past few years, my concerns for and about the Supreme Court, have come to pass.

When the Democrat Congress stopped conservative Judge Robert Bork being appointed to the court, my attitude went on alert. There has never been a better candidate for the high court than this man, in my opinion.

It was during President Reagan’s term that he was nominated. This was a brilliant man and Judge – just what was needed in the high court. He was man with knowledge, courage, and integrity, who could keep our Constitutional Government on the right track.

Now in a new century, it is clear why he was needed. He would set a standard of high legal views, and was a man of the constitution, who could be forceful and clear minded.

Now the liberals come with their shadowy followers tagging behind, like hyenas calling for the clan to come eat what others have worked hard to prepare. They are nasty creatures, who feed off the remains of justice, and destroy the reason so true justice vanishes from the plain.

I’m not sure of what happened to common sense in Washington, but to me, it seems it has been devoured by the liberal hyenas. The basic unit of this nation is the family. A Father, Mother, and children – if they are blessed to have children.

Divorce started the onslaught to kill marriages, which were the strength of this nation and the world. Now there are same sex marriages that cannot reproduce, in most cases, and they are now called a family.

I have seen a family of Ducks, Geese, and people but I have yet to see a family of same sex marriages. It drives me crazy. How can two steers produce anything, or two cows with udders produce milk to feed the calves they can’t produce.

The order in life does not need to be rewritten by this government. If we are going to remain a nation of free people, then we must stop the stupidity that is taking over our nation. If a gay man or women wants to find same sex people to make them feel fulfilled, then no one can stop them.

But when a government allows them to be considered as a family or a new race then where or how can this government justify giving them a tax break when they have not added to the future of their country. The future is our families and this is the the foundation of our nation, families children, and raising them to be just honorable adults.

I don’t care if a member of the Supreme Court has a child who is homosexual. I do care when they vote in favor of their child’s sexual desires because they are being persuaded by their own emotions and guilt. They do not have the larger population in mind, and they have defamed the office of a judge of the highest ranking.

They judged this as a social problem or issue and not on common sense or reality.

If we continue this race towards self destruction, and allow this type of action by the Supreme Court, we justify their actions and we are no better than those who voted and allowed this to go forth.

I know some of the language in the Court’s decision is vague, but once the hole is in the dam, the water pours out, and if not checked, it will soon destroy the dam, and the flood rages.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.